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Welcome to the Locum Hub.

Have you ever thought...How do I become a Locum Pharmacist?

Here you'll find everything that you need in almost every situation. If you cant find what you're after contact us and we'll be sure to help you with your request.


We have a compliance team at our Chester HQ whom know exactly what documentation you need in order to fulfil the requirements set out by all of our clients. Our compliance team will not only ensure your documentation is in order, but also up to date.

Documents which could be requested upon registration:

  • Full Employment History (up to date CV)

  • References covering 3 years of employment (at least 2 clinical references)

  • Verification of Identity & Right to Work (a variation could include - 2 photograph ID's and 1 Proof of Address OR 1 photograph ID and 2 Proofs of address)

  • ID style photograph

  • DBS Certificate + update server checked

  • Overseas DBS if applicable

  • Full Immunisation record (MMR, BCG SIGHTED, VARICELLA)

  • Any valid mandatory training certificates obtained

  • Indemnity Insurance

  • Professional Qualification Certificate

Behind the scenes:

Our compliance department will be doing many checks on your provided documentation some of which include:

  • Qualification Verification

  • Professional Body Pin Check

  • Fitness to Work Certificate

  • Identity Verification Scan

Forms to fill:

There is of course a couple of forms for you to fill. Most are required to be filled in once and never again.


We offer a full CSFT training programme for free, all of which is accessible digitally and remotely. If you wish to hold a copy of your certificates there will be small charge of £35


If a new DBS is required follow this link to apply for a new DBS:

I want a new DBS!


We have a fantastic preferred supplier list of Umbrella companies who are ready to provide the best service to you:





Any questions regarding compliance, please call 01244 621 477 and ask for the compliance department.