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Quad Recruitment - About Us

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Quad Recruitment - About Us

The new website is finally here, after all of our hardwork since June 2015 (our birth date don't you know). 

Quad Recruitment was started in a box room and completely organically, zero bank loans, zero over drafts and zero investment other than the founders own money. 

Hard at work clients were gained in London and the North West. Very quickly vacancies were filled and it allowed us to escape the confines of the box room and into an actual real life office (hurrah!). 

Quad added to their ranks as more clients had needs and grew very quickly which prompted ANOTHER office move which grew in size. 

Ash Burgoyne joined and opened out his specialty in the Healthcare sector and has been massively successful since, gaining new clients every week and filling roles with projects of up to 10 vacancies at a time. 

Thats the cliff notes version anyway. 

Fast forward to now nearly a year and a half on! We have our sparkling new website (we do hope you like it) and we are moving to yet another new office, again, bigger! In January. 

There are three divisions of Quad Recruitment now, an IT Division, a Healthcare Division and our foundations, Rec2Rec. Some people think we're mad for being Rec2Rec (we think so too sometimes!) but the clients are brilliant and it's amazing to see what is out there for candidates. The candidates that are actually committed to a move are always extremely appreicative once they are moved on too. 

Healthcare is absolutely thriving and growing week by week, clients have brilliant things to say about us and our personal approach and Healthcare is a true cornerstone of Quad. Our IT Division offers something different for our clients, we only service the areas that we can easily get to and where we can meet the candidates. Too many agencies try to break into an already crowded IT market in places that they do not readily have access to, we don't do that. 

We mix an ever professional approach with an actual human interaction. Every consultant in Quad is an experienced recruiter and know what it takes to be successful and build relationships.