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My first month at Quad Recruitment- Kickstart Scheme

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My first month at Quad Recruitment- Kickstart Scheme

​Before I started working for Quad recruitment, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for in a job and I didn’t want to work in hospitality or at a takeaway joint, I knew I wanted more and wanted to develop my skills. And then I met Quad recruitment through the Kickstart Scheme with my local Job Centre. I realised quickly that the opportunity they offered would be perfect for me. Challenging, but something I felt ready to do.


When I started working with Quad Recruitment my knowledge about the recruitment world was none existent, but as the weeks have gone by over the last month I’ve gained lots of skills and knowledge from the team and training provided.


I’ve got to grips with the database, taking on lots of training and becoming the office master. Its great to finally have some responsibility. By week 2 I was in-charge of uploading all the jobs to the website, making sure that every detail was spot on. By week 3 I was on the phone recruiting!! Something I didn’t think I was going to feel confident for awhile let alone my third week. With lots of 1:1 training with my manager Hannah, I’m feeling more and more confident. This week, my fourth week I’ve submitted a candidate to Hannah who the client would like to meet.


After working here for a month here I have accumulated various skills which I can use going forward. With these new skills I have managed to recruit several people from all over the Newcastle area to come forward and apply to a support worker role that my Manager Hannah has been working on for a while now. Surprisingly I’ve learnt how fun pharmacy recruitment can be, I’ve had a laugh with the support workers and I’m starting to find my recruitment voice.


What I’ve Learned this Month?

I’ve Learned:

·         How to use the database

·         How to find and Email candidates in bulk

·         How to place candidates into specific job roles that suits what they want

·         The differences between Locum & Permanent roles

·         How to make sure that candidates have all the correct info on their profiles

·         The confidence in calling candidates about roles that they have applied for and cold calling

·         How to plan a full week to always keep myself busy except for lunch

·         Post ads onto our website made by my co-workers


I’m REALLY looking forward to what next month brings…Onwards and upwards.