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Empathy makes you a better Pharmacist

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Empathy makes you a better Pharmacist

Pharmacists- you’re exhausted right? More than ever, and you're wondering why?

"According to Susan Albers, PsyD, who shares her insight in a recent Cleveland Clinic article, someone’s ability to relate and care for others—in other words, one’s empathy—is a limited resource. She said that if individuals drain their

empathy account, they can end up feeling negative emotions that experts call “empathy fatigue.”"

It's now known that emotional intelligence can influence a pharmacist into better decision making and all round better work performance.

Seeing so much trauma and death throughout the pandemic has caused clinical professionals to loose their empathy- resulting in a lower work performance and a weaker decision making.

It's official name is "empathy fatigue"- you are literally fed up of feeling empathetic! You feel stressed all the time, feel ready to throw in the towel and you feel like work is no longer an individualised experience for every patient.

Take a read of the below article to find the facts. Very interesting indeed.

What’s empathy fatigue and what can you do about it? - Pharmacy Today