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Manage Pre Registration Exam Nerves With Us

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Manage Pre Registration Exam Nerves With Us

With the pre-registration exams looming on Wednesday the 29th of June I’m sure all of you are feeling full of nerves. This is an understandable feeling as you’ve all worked incredibly hard over the last four years to get to this moment right now.


Jodie Chaloner one of our Associate Recruitment Consultants has compiled some coping mechanisms for majority of MPharm students during this next few days after the exam whilst awaiting results. Jodie has completed her Undergrad and is currently undergoing her Masters, so offered some useful advice.


Take A Deep Breath and Talk it Through

I’m sure something you’ve heard time and time again but taking a deep breath and taking time for you is vital during this time. Find something that makes you relax. A walk around a local park? Taking a long bath? Ordering a takeaway? Whatever it is, that helps you take your mind away from the exam, try take some time to do these relaxing activities.

Talk to Friends and Family Members

Remember to talk to friends and family members about how you’re feeling. They will somehow be able to relate to the way you’re feeling to something they’ve been through. This then produces a whole new set of coping mechanisms they used that you simple have never even thought about.

Develop a Technique on How to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Like the above, do something for you. Take yourself completely away from your study sess pit and enjoy being you again. This helps you focus and get more done when you enter back into studies! On top of your exam, you still have general life stresses which also add a lot of pressure and stress. Take every hour as it comes.

If your anxiety surrounding your exams is becoming too much to handle, Pharmacist Support is a vital lifeline to you. Take a look at their website for some great advice and also a contact line for completely free support

If you’re struggling to re-apply due to financial issues there’s another great website to apply for financial assistance

Avoid Last Minute Revision

Sounds like a terrible thing to do, doesn’t it. But this method is one of the best! You know your stuff, so the night before making sure to take away those revision books, clean up your revision station and know that everything you now know will be enough. You’ve worked hard over the last year, therefor 24 hours before your exam is only going to fill you full of anxiety, thinking you don’t know a thing.

Get a Good Nights Sleep Before and After the Exam

The last point leads straight into this point. You’ve cleared your area now get some sleep. You’re night’s before your exam is important. If you feel remotely tired due to a lack of sleep your mind will be otherwise engaged. There are lots of ways you ways you can help yourself fall asleep. ASMR being one of the new viral trends of social media. YouTube have some creators that have created specific videos to help you sleep the night before an exam-

Get Moving

I’m sure this will be the last thing you’ll want to do due to the long list of other ‘more important’ stuff that needs getting done. But having a 30-minute walk, run or bike ride will help you so much with your studies and anxieties around your exam. We all know how amazing we feel after getting some fresh air and that feeling of our heart pumping and adrenaline flowing!

We really hope this helps you with your last minute studies. 

Quad Recruitment wish you the best of luck for your exams and results and if in any way we can assist with support during this time, feel free to drop us a call on 01244 621477.

Quad Recruitment work with clients who would be happy to accept you as a pre reg pharmacist before your results arrive. This is of course a provisional offer based on your results. If you’d like to explore these options further, please reach out to one of our consultants on OR call on 01244621477 to speak directly to one of our experienced Pharmacy consultants.