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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

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Focused on putting Life Sciences first.


Established in the latter part of 2022, an additional sector was unavoidable. Life Sciences has been knocking on our door since we became the UK & USA’s top agency within the Pharmacy sector. With these sectors being very close in industry, we've gained access into some top tier pharmaceutical brands through word of mouth and had the opportunity to prove ourselves countless times since we opened our doors in 2015.

This was the start of a very exciting journey.

Our specialist team of consultants work with organisations in multiple locations around the globe varying in sizes. We have access to some of the world's top Life Science talent within the Permanent, Contract & group-hire markets allowing us to help our clients with whatever their needs may be.

Our recruitment style has always been to have the difficult conversations first. Often when we bring on new clients, we hear that they've been working with another agency for some time and had no results. Our first job is to find out why the previous agency hasn't put the time into them and how we can improve the relationship going forward with ourselves. We pride ourselves on candidate management, this being the case; a non-negotiable that we require is fast profile & interview feedback that we can pass onto the candidates that we're working with. Good or bad.

As the world population is ever growing, so is this industry. Theres many companies out there that are competing for the best talent to help drive the Life Scienece industry to the next level. Equally, the candidates within this market are always looking to progress their careers into the best opportunities.

We're committed to helping both side acheive their goals.

Areas we work in:


Pharma & Biotech

Bringing two of the greatest things together. Natural Science’s & Engineering Science’s to bring living cells into everyday life. Without this, you wouldn’t have bread, wine, penicillin or the covid vaccine.


Medical Technology

A pair of glasses, a plaster, or an ultrasound scanner. These were all born out of this sector. These very important pieces of equipment save lives, improve health and add huge value to sustainable healthcare.


Digital Health

Utilising the data that comes from the Med Tech to improve the lives of millions of users by improving efficiency, driving down costs & personalising medicine for the individual users.

Our Life Science team is based out of our Chester office where they work closely with our Pharmacy specific team that have been at the top of their sector for a considerable amount of time.

If you would like to hear more about how our search team could benefit you or your business, please reach out via our contact us form.