Head Hunting / Exec Search

Quad started off in Recruitment to Recruitment & only Recruitment to Recruitment, this is our roots.  

The founding member had a background within this sector and thought it only right to start up their own brand and correct all the issues that were apparent in their previous place of work.

In June 2015 Quad was born, approximately 1 month later we placed our first consultant in London for a well-known Engineering Recruitment Agency. Since then we've gone from strength to strength placing some fantastic people into equally fantastic companies.

R2R was very much a hunting role, you get the job order and then you go out and find suitable candidates that fit the JD, we took this approach into other sectors and have managed to fill some impressive roles with some well known companies around the globe, mostly Salesforce Developers within the Tech Sector. 

Being recruiters ourselves it gives us great pleasure to talk to many different types of people everyday, whether it be clients or candidates.

We operate in all the major cities across the UK and have a huge number of roles that we're working on abroad. If you're looking for a role in a leafy sub-urban district of London or the concrete jungle that is New York, we've got the role for you. 

Across all of our sectors we operate in very much a consultative sell rather than a ''ram it down your throat, forced'' style. We're selective with the clients that we work with, we don't ''CV blast'' to every company in the country to gain 1 interview. We know exactly where to send you and don't have to worry about you not liking the company as you definitely will. Only working with the best makes our lives much easier and the testimonials much better.  We cover a host of different client companies and can offer a great mix of vacancies.

**REFERRAL SCHEME**  - If you know someone that is looking for a move, let us know and we'll pay you the following fee.

Salaries from £18K - £22,999 = £250

Salaries from £23K - £26,999 = £500

Salaries from £27K - £29,999 = £750

Salaries from £30,000 ^ = £1000 

Sectors that we recruit:

  • I.T ​ - Cloud

  • Sales - Tech Sales, Recruitment Consultants

  • Health & Social Care - Care/Support Workers, Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology, Occupational Therapy