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How to Become a Pharmacist

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How to Become a Pharmacist

If you've clicked on this blog the likelihood is that you're looking for a career in Pharmacy are more specifically as a pharmacist.

Researching how to start a career is tricky for most, mainly because it’s very hard to find the right information in a dummied down way. Often information websites load us up with long and complicated sentences, when we just want the simple and to the point facts.

Quad Recruitment are here to speed the information right up for you in some easy-to-read bullet points.

Prior to starting your Pharmacy Doctorate, you will need to complete the below:

  • Either a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy

  • Or complete a 2–4-year pre pharmacy study period. As most universities do not require you to have a bachelor’s degree opting for a pre pharmacy study, is a great option for most. There are many universities across the US that provide these studies, click here to view all universities: Here

Official Pharmacy Studies:

  • This is where you attend your official studies in Pharmacy. Most Pharmacy Colleges or Schools run their curriculum off a four-year program.

  • There are however some Pharmacy Colleges and Schools who offer an accelerated 3 year curriculum. But these are often very heavy coursework based and the entry requirements are far greater than the ‘classic’ four-year curriculum Colleges and Schools.

After completing your doctorate:

  • Prior to being a legally licences Pharmacist you will need to complete the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam (NAPLEX). This is your mandatory course at prior to working as a pharmacist in most states. Take a look at NAPLEX website where you'll find some detailed information about this exam

Specific state Licenses:

  • You can now gain your Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE). There are however some states which do require you to sit an addition exam. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy have detailed guidance and an easy state filtering tool which provides you with great knowledge on what additional exams need to be sat prior to legally practicing as a Pharmacist in your State.

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​Be sure to get in touch with Quad Recruitment if you're about to gain your licence as we have the tools and resources to find you a job to match your requirements.