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​How to Recruit Superstar Pharmacy Techs

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​How to Recruit Superstar Pharmacy Techs

​How to Recruit Superstar Pharmacy Techs – USA

Pharmacy Technicians are one of the fastest growing careers among health occupations today. As a result, the need for them is growing faster than any other health care professional.

If you are currently hiring Pharmacy Techs, see below some advice on how you can attract the best candidates:

Time is the killer of all deals

The aim is to hire the right people faster than your competition. If you have a 4-stage interview process, most likely your competitors will have made an offer to the candidate before you could. Good candidates don’t hang around for long, so you need to move fast if you like someone!


Sell the role (Make people want to apply)

The aim of a job description is to get people to apply, that’s the first step. Therefore, this is the first thing that needs to stand out. Job ads need to be full of energy and excitement, not just the responsibilities of the role.

Make sure the advert is full of all the good things about your organization and why people should join you. (This is a candidate led market, people have options and are deciding if you are the right business for them, not the other way around)