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How to Become an Independent Prescribing Pharmacist

​​​As I’m sure you are all aware, there’s a huge push from the government to promote more young ...

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Manage Pre Registration Exam Nerves With Us

With the pre-registration exams looming on Wednesday the 29th of June I’m sure all of you are fe...

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Quad Recruitment News- 23/06/2022

​Since opening our doors in 2015 we’ve undergone some huge changed as a business, one of the lar...

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Five 30 Minute Lunchtime Ideas

​I’ve got a 30-minute lunch break, what shall I do?​Pharmacy Professionals we know you don’t do a...

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Quad News June 2022- Welcome to the team

​We’ve got some news to share with you.  Quad Recruitment have taken on a further two consultants...

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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician- The Easy Read

​If you’re checking out this blog, it’s likely that you’re considering a career as a Pharmacy Te...

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How to Become a Pharmacist- The Easy Guide

If you've clicked on this blog the likelihood is that you're looking for a career in Pharmacy are...

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How do I write the prefect CV?

​How do I write the perfect CV?You know what you're doing when it comes to writing your cv, all ...

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Pharmacy Student: Become a Locum this Summer?

​Pharmacy Student: Become a Locum this Summer?  You’ve had a busy year of studying, working place...

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Irish Pharmacy Awards 2022: Winners Announced

​The glamourous Irish Pharmacy Awards Ceremony took place on the 21st of May and what a jam pack...

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Finalists Announced 750x375

Ireland's Rising Pharmacy Stars

​Ireland have today released their Finalists for their Irish Pharmacy Awards 2022. Each category ...

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Pharmacist, Are You Healthy?

​Are you keeping healthy Pharmacist? Everyone in the community sees you as a pillar of health. S...

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Pharmacy Launches a Free Therapy Service for all Refugees in Need

​Action for Humanity always have a way to pull at our heartstrings! They’ve only gone and done i...

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"I had to turn detective to prove my pharmacy technician was stealing from me"

​You own or run a Pharmacy and you’re worried that one of your employees is stealing from you? W...

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Worried about an interview? Don't worry we've got you!!

One of most senior consultants John Churchward has released his top tips on successfully passing ...

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Stressed Pharmacist

​To mark National Stress Awareness Month 2022 we’re here to support all Pharmacy Professionals. ...

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I made the decision to ‘just’ be a community pharmacist

​Sara Shirali, a newly qualified community pharmacist, says she is tired of having to justify her...

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What is the health and social care levy?

​Through the years we have worked with multiple umbrella companies. None have quite compared to t...

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Locum Pharmacists are Starting a Dictatorship?

**Disclaimer- this isn’t about our locums**  Are some Locum’s starting a Dictatorship? Quite poss...

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Why Using a Recruiter Can Help You Nail an Interview

​Why using a recruiter can help you nail an interview​We know that right now interview rates are ...

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