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As a leading locum pharmacy recruitment agency, we've established a network of talented locum pharmacists across the UK.

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If you're seeking locums to fill an urgent or longstanding requirement, we have a large pool of active candidates with availability to support you. Our incredible compliance team ensures all locum pharmacists only start working for you when they pass all pre-employment checks. You can either follow our own set standards or set your own. We will tick all the boxes you need ticking. You can sleep at ease knowing that your candidates are vetted to your standards.

Frequently asked questions

Again this is company specific. If you have the ability to pay locum's Outside IR35, we will pay the worker by either of the following means: Self Employed, Limited Company or through an Umbrella company. 

If you can only host a locum Inside IR35, then we will need to pay all workers through an umbrella company. This is a seamless process for the workers and makes for longterm sucess. 

We will adhere to whatever level of checks you require us to complete. As standard, we complete the following checks: 

  • Full Employment History (up to date CV)

  • References covering 3 years of employment (at least 2 clinical references)

  • Verification of Identity (a variation could include - 2 photograph ID's and 1 Proof of Address OR 1 photograph ID and 2 Proofs of address)

  • Passport style photograph

  • DBS Certificate + update server checked

  • Overseas DBS if applicable

  • Full Immunisation record (MMR, BCG SIGHTED, VARICELLA)

  • Any valid mandatory training certificates obtained

  • Indemnity Insurance

  • Professional Qualification Certificate

This vary's depending on the business location, specification and contract length. 

A consultant has the ability to walk you through the exact charge rates based off some specific questions. 

There's a veriety of different ways we can pay a worker. This is all dependant on how you can host a locum. 

At the very beginning of our journey we will ask if you can operate Inside or Outside IR35. Ultimelty what this dictates is if a locum can be paid as self employed, limited company OR umbrella. 

We refresh compliance documents prior to every placement and then annually once in a contract. 

We have a wide range of Pharmacy professionals that work for us as Locum's of which are: 

  • Pharmacists 
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Accuracy Checking Technicians 
  • Pharmacy Dispeners 
  • We can also accomodate some warehouse operatives within pharmacy settings. 

If we have a fully compliant candidate prepared prior to your requirments we will simply refresh and send them out straight away.

If we need to complete full compliance requirements this is centred around how quickly the candidates are willing to complete their compliance. 

We will move as quickly as possible to accomodate your needs. 

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