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New Job Advert, With A Twist!

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New Job Advert, With A Twist!

So, I've been doing research about Job Ads and effectiveness. 

In Terms of Job Adverts how could I really maximise my chances of activating somebody who is passive(ish) into somebody who will come and apply. The normal job adverts I see (and did write before research) are like "my client is XYZ and You'll get this that and the other" But you need "XYZ" - EVERY JOB ADVERT ON EARTH. 

So I wanted mine to tell a story really and this was inspired by some stuff I saw at Social Talent (kudos, they're seriously rather great, REALLY great). I want my job adverts to stand out, I work within Rec2Rec so some of the best Consultants are very creative in their approach so I wanted to try and paint them a picture and make a job advert that they would remember, that would get across my personality as a recruiter and also the personality and vibe of my client. So I came up with this one. 

Let me know your thoughts, effective or not?

"Job Title: Recruitment Consultant
Location: Frodsham & Chester Area
Type of Employment: Permanent
Function: Recruitment
Experience: Recruitment OR B2B Sales/Business Development

Company Description
You would be joining a company with over 10 years’ experience in the Recruitment Industry and sitting next to some of the best Recruiters in their niche industry, be it Paul* who can speak about 1203 different languages (approximately) and is a kind of a big deal or Chris* who just loves to Develop Business and knows just how to get past though pesky gatekeepers (he knows to be best mates with them). Your commission structure wouldn’t be too shabby either, up to 50%, if you don’t believe me ask Paul, he picked up over £8,000 per month in bonus for 3 months running recently. You’d be working in a pretty cool office, nice and open plan if that’s your thing, just mind you don’t trip over the beer fridge in the corner. 

Qualifications and Skills
Hopefully you’ll like working for a laid back office around some pretty big personalities! You should see the SnapChat stories of people singing. 
You would be a Recruitment Consultant with a pretty good track record of making yourself and the business money (The Director, Bob* likes to earn money and makes sure you have all the tools needed so that you can do just that). 

When you go into the company you will be lovingly be given all the training and on-going training you need to keep your skills nice and sharp, as well as one or two shiny roles to work on whilst you build your desk.

When I say build your desk I don’t mean literally, they have housekeepers for that. What I mean is you’ll be tasked with going out and winning new business and new clients for yourself and make it a nice little earner for you!

Did I mention about the tools that Bob gives you? On top of all the major job boards you’ll have access to, you’ll also have… The Marketing Manager posting some pretty cool stuff on their bespoke website (which is also a job board for their niche industry) and two resourcers, Jack* and *Jill, who are rather good at what they do. So as you find some candidates for your own roles you’ll have them passing over some pretty good guys too; Jill’s actually been in their chosen industry for TEN years so if she says somebodies good, they usually are..

You would ideally have over 12 months’ recruitment experience OR Business to Business/Business Development experience. BUT if you’ve been a Recruitment Consultant for slightly less time but billing big money you’d of course not be over looked!

What’s in it for you? The good stuff.
Salary is negotiable as good talent is hard to come by! Also, aside from that 50% commission structure that Paul has been taking advantage of; Bob, the Director, loves food! So if you hit your target each month he will take you and the rest of the achievers for food at the end of the month; all expenses paid of course. 

Holidays? We like them. On top of the 29 days (inc Bank Holidays) that you'd receive you would also get the chance to "earn" extra days off. Are you a bit like Bruce Willis' character in Unbreakable and rather indestructible? Good, for every Quarter you have full attendance you gain an extra day off (now that 33 days off for all you Bruce or Brucettes out there) plus for every year of service you get an extra day off per year to play with, up to 5 years of servitude... 

Friday at 4:30 that beer fridge is opened and you can have an Ice Cold beverage. Did I mention that there’s a football goal in the office? Penalty Shoot out and Crossbar challenge are common place, when you go to work there make sure you ask them about the legend who hit the bar 10 times in a row…

Hit the apply button with your CV if you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be!?) 

If you are interested but slightly worried about your CV going to this job board (pesky job board) then get in touch directly through LinkedIn, Email or Telephone for a private chat first. 

*Names have been altered to protect real identities of the Recruiters in question… No, really!" 

Obviously if you are a Recruiter or B2B/Business Developer in the area and you like the look of this job you know where I am....