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"Recruiters Are Sh*t"

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"Recruiters Are Sh*t"

I often see the recruiter bashing (and recruiters crying) on posts and comments that pop up on my timeline for LinkedIn of a week, it’s always the same thing; candidate has had a bad experience, company has had a bad experience, recruiter who didn’t set terms but sent a CV in and has had a bad experience. This is then followed up by the inevitable handful of recruiters who cry “I’m different, we don’t all work like that, give me a call to discuss”. Then of course on the phone for that discussion they are going to try and secure roles to work on, because that is the job.

At the end of the day there are good and bad professionals everywhere, you just don’t use that particular professional again and move on. In this particular conversation string I saw many “I just wouldn’t use recruiters they’re shit” or “I’d just go direct to the company” and then the company director himself saying he “would never use a recruiter in his life” (after taking a candidate from a recruiter but not paying him as there were no terms in place, which 99% of people would do). Now, a few key points here are:

  • A recruiter who has just spammed a candidate out would have had a moan that he got ‘done over’ by the company, well of course that’s going to happen if said company is not a client.
  • The company states that he would never use a recruiter in his life, but has actually used a recruiter (for free) to hire someone who was obviously good for his business and the job in general, thus showing that recruiters add value. Just a pity the recruiter didn’t do it the right way.

A big thing for me is that I’d never heard of the company in my life, the value that a good recruiter would add to this type of business is phenomenal; especially if the recruitment is done on a ‘contingency’ basis, therefore only investing money when they’d like to hire a candidate and not a second before.

So basically their dedicated recruiter is advertising their company for free, talking to candidates within their chosen sector (in a positive light too and really selling the idea of working for said business) and overall raising awareness of the company. This proactive marketing of the company is sewing the seed and putting the company in their mind whether that person is interested or not. I couldn’t imagine too many brilliant workers sitting in their job going “do you know what, I’d really love to work at XYZ” or even being made redundant and going “I’ll go apply at XYZ” if they are not one of the ‘major players’ in their given industry. Some of the best companies to work for aren’t known to be the biggest, but unfortunately most just think of the big boys (and girls). For example if I said “biggest sports company” it wouldn’t be Joe Bloggs 10 office band that springs to mind, but it could be a fantastic place to work with great benefits and package. Same as if I said “biggest football club in the world” everybody would say Liverpool but no one spares a thought for Manchester United and their recruiter somehow convinced Zlatan to go there, do you know what I mean?

Even an average recruiter should be getting all the pro’s (and con’s) of working for your company and really going after passive talent that would never know you existed and what you had to offer otherwise.

This counts even for the huge and well-known companies, great performers are very rarely looking at the door, so it takes a recruiter so present an opportunity in the first place for you to attract that type of talent.

Likewise, for candidates, there have been many a time I’ve sent a CV and it come back as a no because of whatever reason; for me to then pick the phone up and handle particular objections that the CV raised (because the candidate has been registered fully), thus getting the candidate through the door for interview or on the phone at the least. If the candidate went directly then this opportunity would have gone begging as there would only be a handful of people that would ring up directly to a company for CV feedback and why it was a no.

Of course there are some unscrupulous recruiters out there and some of the practices that are displayed are shoddy at best, we get that and to be quite honest I’m glad they’re about, because if this is my competition then it really isn’t much competition at all.

In short to summarise this, if you are a company and use a recruiter then your recruiter will not only go after talent for you and try to get them through your door, they will be painting your organisation in a positive light and creating a brand awareness for you, for free. If a recruiter speaks to 20 people regarding a position and only one person is taken on, your opportunity has been ‘sold’ to 19 people and the seed of your company is there; ESPECIALLY if 3 or 4 of those candidates interview and you reinforce how great your company is in the interview. Same goes for candidates, the recruiter working on your behalf to keep you smelling of roses.

On a side note, if you are a recruiter and you’re crying about a company going direct to a candidate without there being any terms of business in place before making the company aware of said candidate then there is only one person to blame.