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Recruiters Aren't Human, They Have No Feelings

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Recruiters Aren't Human, They Have No Feelings

Of course the title brought you here, purely because this is how people seem to treat people who work in the recruitment industry.

The whole type in "Recruiters Are" in Google and the suggestions are "Evil", "Scum" or "Annoying" (I can actually understand about the annoying one in all fairness.....) shows what people think of recruiters in general.

"Recruiters have no talent, so they just use other people who do"

I've seen someone go as far as to say "recruiters have no talent, so they just use other people who do" - I'll be quite honest, I've got pretty good emotional management but that pissed me right off, I'm not going to go into the reasons why it takes much talent and many different skill sets to be successful in recruitment because I'll be here all day.

It just made me think that people don't actually see 'Recruiters' as actual people who have actual lives away from their job. Yes, some do their jobs poorly, that's how it is in every industry, hell, I've dealt with poor recruiters in the past on a personal level. But I've also dealt with a poor driving instructor, did it make me want to quit driving and hammer anyone in the driving instructor profession? No it didn't.

You can see from my summary on my profile that I've used humour to convey that I am a human, I was a human before recruitment, I'm still a human during and I'll be a human when I've finished.

So, to show that I am a human with feelings I want to tell you about me away from recruitment.

During my time at university and college I completed 200 Voluntary hours coaching and teaching SEN students in schools. Now, I spend much of my time coaching football, my employer even gives me flexibility so that I can leave earlier on the days that I do coach. I absolutely love coaching and its brilliant to have an impact on these young men's football development (I coach the Under 18's Development Squad at a local academy, see below).

When people are saying how much recruiters are scumbags that are only in it for themselves it really reflects on them, not the recruiter they're aiming the dig at. Some guys are under pressure in their roles and there are cowboys, again, that's the same for any sector.

I know guys in my industry that raise money for charity, help the homeless, look after their families' children whilst they work and do volunteering; in short they are very good people.

My weekends look like this...