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My Recruitment Journey

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My Recruitment Journey

5 months has flown by since I very nervously decided to come into the world of recruitment. And I guess now it’s time to write a blog about my first few months… Question is, where do I start?

The world of recruitment is a crazy place, but I love every minute of building a relationship with a client/candidate to successfully placing them in their dream role. Cringe, right? But it’s kinda true! There really is nothing more satisfying knowing all your hard work has paid off…

But let’s be serious, it’s really not that easy. Being a full 360 recruiter coming onto a cold desk I had to build up my clients from scratch which we all know can be extremely daunting. However, coming from a fast paced, cut throat sales background I was used to picking up the phone 100+ times in a day and hearing at least 80 voicemails.

Within my first few weeks I had brought on my own clients and had roles coming in which was so exciting. But then I knew, the pressure was on! It was time to fill my pipeline and build some fantastic relationships with candidates across the South West region. The most important thing for me in recruitment is KNOW your candidates and KNOW your clients. What do they want? What are their needs?

Within 30 days I had placed my first candidate with one of my much-loved clients who I have been working alongside now for the past 4 months. I have attended their recruitment days and sat in on a number of interviews which was quite humbling and made me feel like a very valued supplier of theirs.

Coming into an office working environment having a huge support network in a nice atmosphere was something I was completely taken back by. I wasn’t used to being treated fairly and feeling like a valued member of the team. This to me was a huge confidence boost and gave me a sense of belonging.

Making a transition from selling Caravans to selling people was difficult at first. Because I was so used to the aggressive side to sales where repetitively calling the same leads (borderline harassment) was the complete norm. I guess coming into the Healthcare Sector as a Recruiter meant I needed a more compassionate and considerate approach. Quad Recruitment don’t push to sell, it is as much more consultative sell. And it’s fair to say it’s a much more enjoyable approach to sales. Because let’s be honest, that’s what recruitment is.

Being in a commission job and running your own desk can be highly pressurising as well as rewarding, especially when the person next to you is sleeping all day. Yes you Cad. The snoring, sleeping little Cadburywinkle.

Since being at Quad we have come a long way in just 5 months, we have recently developed a temporary division working with various care providers now in the public sector such as hospitals, clinical leads, SEN Schools and care homes. Very soon I will be venturing partly over to temporary and cross desk between permanent and temporary roles. This will help me develop my skills as a recruiter and I am excited to see what the future holds for me 12 months down the line.

And if you’re wondering who Cad is… He’s the inhouse First Aider. Employee of the month Cad Roberts – June 2017.