The Importance of Looking After Your Workforce!

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The Importance of Looking After Your Workforce!

The Importance of Looking After Your Workforce!

Well, it’s that time of the month again, the last day before we scrub our boards and enter a new month.
Looking back over July, it has been an incredible month. We have quadrupled our hours and gained an extra 35 members of staff.
Over the last 4 weeks we have filled every single shift! A fantastic achievement. Everyone at Quad has gone above and beyond for our clients.
All our achievement’s come down to the fact we have a very committed and professional workforce, our candidates take a lot of pride in their work. When we receive a new client we have an amazing pipeline of professionals to contact that we can 100% rely on.

The last day of the month also marks the day we announce our Employee of the month.
This month our top worker was a lady named Jas, who worked an incredible number of hours. Some last-minute shifts and shifts she booked well in advanced and remained committed to.
She will be receiving her Employee of the month reward shortly and is in fact, not far from completing the number of hours required to have a meal for two on Quad. After that, it’s a weekend away!

I really can’t stress how important it is to always put your workers first, a happy workforce makes happy clients. They are the people putting in the hard graft and representing Quad recruitment and completely deserve the respect and rewards that they earn.

No matter what part of the UK a client of ours is from, with a strong workforce we are confidant of supplying a hardworking, dedicated temporary workforce.

What’s next for Quad?
Well, Jas is back down Kidderminster with the rest of her team, putting in some serious commitment, so I think it is time to head back up to Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. We will be increasing our staff force and clients in these arears over the next 4 weeks. 

Thank you for reading.

Ashley Burgoyne
Head of Health and Social Care.