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Ever Thought About Moving To New York?

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Ever Thought About Moving To New York?

The attached picture is New York, I think I'd be hard pushed to find a recruiter that didn't know that. Many recruiters that I know/talk to have the dream to live in this great city, to be a part of the major big city life. 

Why dream it?

If you're an experienced recruiter in the UK that would like to be out there within 8 weeks then I have many roles that will get you there within a host of different sectors. 

Common myths:


You must be a million-pound biller to get sponsored.... 

NO, you don’t. I'm looking for good recruiters that have at least 3 years’ experience with a decent amount billed in either perm or contract recruitment and be very open to business development.


You must have a degree....

NO, I've placed a good number of recruiters in the US and not less than half have held a degree. If you have a degree then you must have 3 years recruitment experience, if you have no degree then you must have over 5 years experience within recruitment for the VISA requirements. 


You must work in the UK for the company for over a year before they'll send you out to NYC.... 

NO, I work with companies that make things happen quickly. As soon as your VISA comes through you're on the plane. Usually 6 - 10 Weeks. 


I can’t go, I'm in a relationship....

Entirely your choice but the opportunity isn't lost to you. If your partner is keen to get out there then you can get a spousal VISA for a few extra hundred pounds. 


I'm completely skint and can’t afford NYC prices...

Well yeah, OK. Start saving.  NYC is expensive, whilst all my client companies cover the costs of your VISA and your travel you will still have to pay for your accommodation out there. 

Nobody that I have sent out to NYC lives on 'The Island' (Manhattan), they all live away on either the Jersey side or Brooklyn side where prices are considerably less. You're looking at about $1500 - 2000 P/M on the Brooklyn side and about $4500 - 5000 P/M if you fancy living within Manhattan. 

When you rent a place you generally have to put down a security deposit, most of the times its equal to 1 months’ rent, the brokers fee which is roughly 10-12% of the first years rent + 1/2 - 1 months’ rent. 


If you're interested in a move over the Atlantic and would like to find out more about roles or tell me that all my info is completely wrong. Fell free to get in-touch. I look forward to hearing from you.