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Does Your Job Match Your Hobbies? Vice Versa

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Does Your Job Match Your Hobbies? Vice Versa

As the title suggests, this is a brief blog about peoples jobs and how they match their lives outside of work.

For example, I work in recruitment. This is an industry well known for being highly competitive and one that confident people tend to thrive in.

Outside of work I play rugby at a semi decent level and race my bike (push bike). Both are highly competitive and require a certain amount of confidence to do well, the cycling more so than the rugby. The mental state between my work life and my hobbies outside of work are similar in my opinion.

A good friend of mine works in engineering on the railways, I’m not too sure on the in’s and outs of his job but I know it’s highly technical. Outside of his work, he like’s downhill mountain biking and off-roading in his modified Land Rover Defender. The 2 hobbies away from work both require him to have a certain amount of technical knowledge to support him when he’s out and about doing what he loves. Is there a crossover between his work and his hobbies? Yes, I think so.

I have another friend that owns a large sporting goods manufacturing company that has done incredibly well over the last 10 years. Obviously, this is a very driven and motivated guy that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. Again, he likes to race his bike, he likes to be able to push himself to his physical limit and get into some tight spots whilst racing where things could go horribly wrong in a split second.

I’m pretty sure we all know someone that doesn’t seem to have any hobbies that they like to do in their free time. They just seem to stay home and not do a lot, is that a hobby?

Another good friend of mine is in the Police, you might think that she’d like to go out and stay super active but instead, she just ‘’chills out’’ when not working. I’d say that she doesn’t seem to have any actual hobbies. Does this mentality match the job that she’s in?

I have a friend that is a care worker for adults with learning difficulties. He’s a very nice guy, will do anything for anyone and he often does. This job requires him to be very patient, nurturing and of a helpful nature. In his spare time, he likes to coach an under 13s football team. I think there’s a huge similarity between his work and his hobby. The coaching will require all of the skills that he’s picked up in his work place and many of the skills that he’ll gain from the coaching he can take to the work environment.

Do you find that there is a crossover between the job that you’re in and your hobbies?

Does your job compliment your hobbies? Or vice versa?