A Day In The Life Of A Support Worker

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A Day In The Life Of A Support Worker

Have you ever considered a career as a Support Worker? Have you put your ambitions to one side due to simply not knowing exactly what it entails to be a Support Worker? Look no further- for a full explanation! I’m here to break down in the most truthful way possibly- A day in the life of a Support Worker.



Caffeine!!! You may have come off a ‘sleep in’ or just starting the day ahead, regardless it’s so important to take a little bit of time to yourself, by making a cup of tea or coffee to prepare yourself for the day. The morning is all about getting everyone ready for the commencing activities. If that’s getting them dressed, going to the toilet or eating breakfast. No morning will ever be the same so be prepared to just muck in!



This is when you will start heading out into the community to complete some tasks and attending appointments. AGAIN, no day is ever the same. One day you could be at a college, another you may be at the doctors seeking advice for a specific individual or you could be completing the weekly grocery shop. There will be a wide range of activities and events to attend during the day, where people will be in and out of the house going about their everyday lives. Within any residential house, there is no set individual who will keep the house clean and safe, it’s a team effort to make sure the house is something to be proud of by keeping it, clean, tidy and safe. With a large team completing these tasks, it’s simple and easy work.



LUNCH!! Its an important part of the residents and also you as the support workers day. This could be done in the house, or in the local community, where you can attend cafes and restaurants and enjoy some tasty food with your key individual. This is often a fun time to spend with your individual as you will often bump into familiar faces in the community. It’s incredibly important to build relationships within the community and to help your key individual build on their confidence.



This is always a time where staff will start swapping over for the day. A ‘handover’ will take place where you will inform the starting shift worker of the good, bad and ugly! It could involve your key individual having an exceptional day, or if they’ve are feeling slightly under the weather, to them feeling a little grumpy. Its ALL relevant and you need to convey each bit of information with accuracy to ensure the best chances for the following shift.


5pm -7pm

DINNER TIME!! Food is always such a wonderful time of day, as it unites the whole team and residents together for a tasty meal! It’s a rather busy time where often several dishes will be cooked to match the resident’s dietary requirements. However at least once a week you will all join together to try and eat a large Sunday roast to unite the team even further. This is a fun time where often the residents will join in to help cook the meals and learn some basic cooking skills.



TIME TO SOCIALISE!! If you ask any resident this will be their favourite part of the day. You may go to the bowling alley for a competitive game, attend the cinema for the latest appropriate film, attend the local youth centre for some all-important socialising, or you may just stay in the house for a quite a calm night of arts and crafts or a film on the sofa. Whatever activity you’ve planned it’s always a fun and you’ll have a definite smile on your face!



With every job there’s always some nitty gritty work that needs completing. As a support worker there will be some paper work to fill in, however this can be quite a social time for the support workers to talk about their days and to have a general chitter chatter. This is too a time where the residents start settling down for bed. Just like you or I, they go to bed when they are ready to sleep. Some people get tired earlier than others, therefor its simply personal preference.



Shut down takes place at this time, where you will ensure that the house is completely safe, and each resident are where they are meant to be. By this time, all residents are in their bedrooms and settling down fully for the day. Lots of support workers again go home at this time and swap over to the nights shift staff with again with another ‘handover’.


I do hope this has given you a further insight into the day of a support worker. Of course, as mentioned many times, NO day is ever the same. Having the unpredictability of working as a support worker is what makes this role exciting and enjoyable.


If you are interested in taking part in days such as mentioned above, be sure to contact me right away to explore all opportunities we have a support worker within your area!

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