My First Day

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My First Day

My First Day

It’s 07:30, Tuesday 3rd July and it’s the first day at Quad Recruitment. I’m up out of bed early, showered and changed into my outfit, which I had Ironed and lay out ready the night before.  As I prepare to leave my home in North Wales to set off on my new unfamiliar commute to work, I feel a tinge of nerves and trepidation as I prepare to meet my new work colleges. Leaving in good time to avoid any surprises I want to arrive on time and well-prepared to make a tremendous first impression.

My new workplace is a modern open office, with each of my new colleges busy on the telephones hunting for new clients, making business calls and continuously speaking to hopeful candidates. My initial impressions about the office environment were great, I could sense a relaxed and productive atmosphere, and after the whirlwind of introductions I was shown to my new desk…It was time to start work!

Once I had sat down, switched on my computer and made myself comfortable, I couldn’t help but notice the black Labrador heading quickly in my direction. ‘Cad’ the office dog couldn’t wait to come bounding over to introduce himself. It must be said, he gave me the best welcome of all! I have never been the biggest animal lover but I could already tell Cad had set out to change that. Having a pet in the office was new to me, I’ve never worked in an office which allowed dogs, but I believe it must have a positive effect on employees, and potentially improve their productiveness within the team! It would be interesting to see if there is much research on this, maybe my second blog post could be on this!

My first day at Quad was quite informal, once I had met everyone in the office I sat down with the company director, James, he set me up with all my log-in details for the relevant applications I would need to work efficiently day-to-day. He also showed me all the social media channels the company used to connect with candidates, as well as the admin side of maintaining them, the recruiters’ side of the job boards, the database, company website and the telephone. After lunch I was tasked with completing several activities but matching up job specifications with candidate CV’s was definitely my preferred task. It was interesting to read the different roles people had worked and the qualities they possessed.

On refection, I quickly learnt that there is much more to recruitment than I previously thought. Sourcing the relevant candidates is not just about posting on job boards and waiting for the talent to come in, it’s about working hard to find the right talent for the right role; and also the right role for the right candidate. I’m looking forward to my future in recruitment, helping Quad grow into new sectors and growing and maintaining new business relationships.

PS. I came back the following morning!

Adam :)