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Its Halloween and my first month at Quad Recruitment is complete. Although at the beginning it seemed quite a 'scary' experience, it’s far from that now. Being surrounded by a great team within a welcoming office, it has made the transition from manual labour to Recruiter an enjoyable process.

After leaving university, I still never knew what job I wanted to do; all I knew was that I needed to get use to working a 9-5 job to change my lazy, student mindset. Surrounded by friends and family in the trade industry the only option at the time was to get ‘on the tools’.

Life became a routine: work Monday to Friday, meet all fellow workers in a pub Friday after work. Dress code would be work pants, steel toe caps and a big grin on your face that the weekend has arrived. After a while, this became quite dull and I always thought I had more to offer. From my outgoing personality and confidence, I realised there was a job out there better suited to my character and chatty persona, in which people around me massively agreed. Its from their advice I realised this job could be Recruitment.

Quad Recruitment…a whole new life change! Moving from a close nit community to a completely different city and job. I feel I have been quite lucky to have landed in an environment like this one. Very relaxed office full of great personalities but hard-working individuals that are good at their job; thus, influencing my competitive side.

From here I was given my own desk as part of the Healthcare team with Chloe, Hannah and Holly guiding me through it all. At first, I felt embarrassed not knowing anything about healthcare or even recruitment but was eager to learn. So far, I’m slowly getting the hang of it and finding the healthcare industry very interesting. I am looking forward to building a future here at Quad and helping others change or build on their careers like what I have done.

My Jerry Springer final thought: If you feel you are at a dead end with your career, fed up with your mundane routine and need a new challenge in life then don’t fear change. Change is good. Not only does it have a positive effect on your path in life, but it also has a positive effect on your mood and mentality; boosting your confidence which also helps when you are surrounded by influential and driven people.