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"I kind of fell into recruitment" - Said every recruiter ever

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"I kind of fell into recruitment" - Said every recruiter ever

Recruitment so far…

Starting from a professional dance background, I never thought my journey would take me to recruitment, heck I never even knew about recruitment (I’m pretty sure no-one recruits professional dancers 😂) But 6 years after graduating here I am.

Like so many people, I kind of fell into the world of recruitment. I’d been made redundant from my retail job and took a job I hated thinking I had no other options and ended up leaving after 3 months. That’s when I had a message (from my now boss) on LinkedIn to see if I’d ever thought of being a recruiter. With only a few months left of my job I thought I’d just take a chance and have a chat, one week later I’d met the team and had an interview with a job offer.

The rest is history….. ha no not quite but it certainly isn’t what I expected. Here’s how I’ve found it so far:

  1. Being a recruiter is tough, yes you don’t always need any experience, but you do have to have a thick skin. I have learnt when to celebrate the wins (and how to accept when you ‘loose out’) it certainly is a bumpy journey with each candidate.

  2. Every day is a great opportunity to start fresh, new candidates, new opportunities, and new conversations. Learn from the mistakes you made yesterday / last week and learn from them to build a better journey for you and the candidate.

  3. Your main competition is yourself and how hard you are willing to work (you really reap what you sow in recruitment)

  4. Setbacks are good (even when you see your invisible commission going down the drain) it teaches you that nothing is guaranteed and even ‘amazing’ candidates can be flakey, no matter how good the journey started off.

  5. Your team is so important, I am lucky to have a great team to help me and some great recruiters to learn from. Without bouncing ideas off people or asking for advice I wouldn’t have made the move from resourcer to consultant.

  6. The ‘Valley of Death’ is really as sh*t as it sounds, if you could hold your breath for three months you would.

  7. Formatting CV’s really is the worst part (but highly important)

With some seriously big targets ahead I’m starting 2022 with a career I’m proud of, a great team and some bloody hard work to do. From no experience, going into a resourcer position to making a 180 consultant position in 4 months, I’m excited to where I am this time next year.

If you’re reading this as someone with no experience in recruitment and would like an unfiltered chat to see if it could be the next move for you. Drop me a message on LinkedIn- Briony Mauger

Recruitment never crossed my mind, until I stumbled on it. Reading this could be your stumble into recruitment!