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How to Become a Pharmacist- The Easy Guide

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How to Become a Pharmacist- The Easy Guide

If you've clicked on this blog the likelihood is that you're looking for a career in Pharmacy are more specifically as a Pharmacist

Researching how to start a career is tricky for most, mainly because it’s very hard to find the right information in a dummied down way. Often information websites load us up with long and complicated sentences, when actually we just want the simple and to the point facts.


Quad Recruitment are here to speed the information right up for you in some easy to read bullet points.


Prior to University you will need to consider the following:

  • You will be required to obtain three A Levels or equivalent in the following subjects:

    • Chemistry

    • A second Science OR maths

    • And another subject

  • If you have secured lower grades you may do a foundation year in Pharmacy prior to completing the full Pharmacy Degree

  • GCSE’s are considered with most schools of Pharmacy alongside the A-levels so long as the following GCSE’s have been complete:

    • Maths

    • English Language

    • And one Life Science

  • Some universities do accept vocational qualifications such as:

    • BTEC Level 3

    • National Extended Diploma

    • Applied Science

    • Access to HE Diploma

What you need to know about Pharmacy Studies:

  • You first need to complete five years of academic and practical based teaching

  • Three years will be a classic undergrad study in Pharmacy

  • Your last year of academics will be your Masters in Pharmacy which must be studied at a University

  • After completing the Masters you move into your yearlong paid practical teaching- this is also known as your foundation year

  • Once the Practical year is complete you can then register with the GPHC where you will legally be allowed to practice as a pharmacist


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If you prefer more details on how to become a Pharmacist, you can head over to the GPHC website where they offer detailed advice- here