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5 Tips: How To Manage Whilst Waiting For Exam Results

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5 Tips: How To Manage Whilst Waiting For Exam Results

When exams are over, you’ve already spent months planning for them… the exam anxiety sets in and instant relief washes over you once the final one is done. That is until you start thinking about the results…

You’ve made it through university, finished your exams and can unwind during the summer don’t forget you’ve just survived 3 years of the pandemic. Time for a well-earned rest!

Studying for important exams during the pandemic has been difficult for all, on top of transitioning to online learning it’s not been an easy ride. If you’ve struggled with your mental health throughout all this, know you are not alone. You have powered through some really tough times, be proud of yourself!

Now its results day. Many people think exam stress only happens whilst you are revising and taking the exams, but stress afterwards is so common too. Here are some Tips in helping with Results day worries


Enjoy your time off:

You’ve worked hard and had a more difficult time than normal – This is a huge achievement. Even if you aren’t happy with your results, you’ve tried bloody hard and that’s what counts. So go and enjoy your summer because you have earned it! You’ll also be entering the world of set holiday allowance soon, so utilize your time how you want to!


Remember – you will be okay:

If you get disappointing results, you will be okay. You can always try again, take the exam and use your extra time to focus on the preparation before the exam, you already know what you need to know! Bad results don’t define you; many people have faced this and had successful careers. It happens.


You are not alone:

It’s totally normal to feel worried and anxious about results. This is important news that can influence what you do next so it’s completely natural to have nerves. Uncertainty can be scary but try to not let it overtake or control you.


Look after yourself:

Sometimes, life can get very overwhelming, and you might need to find ways to centre yourself and stay calm. Avoid negative or draining experiences or people and find healthy ways to distract yourself. Do something you enjoy – yoga, the gym, reading a book, drawing…. Anything you enjoy.

Speak to others, so many people will be feeling the same way as you. Don’t worry about letting it out as keeping it to yourself will only make it worse. This will help you feel less alone

Use breathing techniques to centre yourself when you feel yourself getting anxious or stressed. This is proven to help ease anxiety and help you relax this is a key part of meditation, here’s a little breathing technique that might help you:

-        Breathe in slowly through your nose for 4 seconds

-        Hold it for 4 seconds

-        Breathe out, through your mouth for 4 seconds

-        Hold your lungs empty for 4 seconds

-        Repeat 2-3 times


Make a Plan:

Plan your day for results day, it’ll help you feel more prepared. There is a lot of uncertainty and seeing everyone on social media and your peers celebrating can be really daunting. Think about what you want, what makes you more comfortable, who do you want to talk through it with. Do you want to be alone or with someone? Choose what works best for ne or with someone? Choose what works best for you!


There’s no right or wrong way to prepare yourself for your results day. Just stay calm and know whatever the results show, you have worked hard and it will only better you as a person. Quad Recruitment support pharmacy's across the country and many are many seek to employ newly qualified pharmacists for their organisations right now click here to explore our roles