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How Sport Has Made Me Driven in The Workplace

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How Sport Has Made Me Driven in The Workplace

Are you someone who thrives better at your workplace from joining in on sporting activities outside the workplace? If so, you may relate to what Sam has to say.

Sam Staden one of our newest recruits has written a blog based off his experience within a workplace as to how sports has helped him stay more motivated.


Sam explains: "I have been competing at a very high level in alpine skiing since a very young age. 16 years later and many national titles and it’s safe to say I always pursue perfection in sport, and I am now a very competitive and driven person. This is my first blog and I thought it’d be good to delve into how my career in sport has made me driven in the workplace as I know many others will have a similar experience due to their extra curricular hobbies.

Coming from a high standard in skiing has helped me have a driven attitude to not just my work but all aspects of my life. It has helped me in the highs and lows of life and the workplace (unfortunately it doesn’t always go your way) and this is something I’m sure a lot of other people are familiar with who have competed in sports at all levels of skill.

I feel I have learnt to deal with negatives whether it be when you don’t reach a goal in your training, or it doesn’t quite work out at a race or event. But if you’re like me then I’m sure that you’ve also learnt to learn from the negatives and use them to become better. You cherish the highs but are focused on the next goal. As the saying goes “There’s no rest for the wicked” this resonates perfectly with me as I am always looking for my next goal. Having spent the last Month starting my career in recruitment this is something I can definitely say is similar. You don’t always get the candidate, or you don’t always reach a goal/target. These are just minor setbacks on the route to being the best. The idea being that the more hard work you can put in, the better your result will be in the end and this is something everyone wants surely?

I have enjoyed my start to recruitment, and I am looking forward to the future, I have had many ups and downs in my first month, but this is what I love and I feel this is also the same in all workplaces; we all have targets whether they are company set or your own personal ones (I think its great to have both) but as everyone know you need to have a lot of motivation and love for your job to reach these and surpass them.

I ask you to think of a few things to help you be more driven:

1. What motivates you?

2. What do you love to get out of your job?

3. What goals have you set yourself to reach?

4. Do you have fun?

I feel that these 4 simple questions can really help you stay driven as they will help you have a few things to work towards or help you get an idea of what things you’d like to get at the workplace (money/rewards/praise/self-rewards). The last question is the most important. If you don’t have fun then you’re not going to be as driven, now don’t get me wrong we all have bad days and weeks where things aren’t going our way, but we need to enjoy our work on the whole. Sometimes all we need to rekindle the motivation and drive for our work is a good rest and a break. Make sure you’re getting quality time off to relax, you’ll just get burnt out otherwise, I have made this mistake before and it’s not ideal.

As I said at the start this it's my first blog so if you’d like to hear more then let us know. We’d also love to know if there is anything else that you would want to hear? Also, while you’re here on the website why not check out our job vacancies and see if there is a job that would meet your needs."