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Quad Tips: How to Negotiate your Salary Package

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Quad Tips: How to Negotiate your Salary Package


Did you know it was possible to negotiate a salary?

We understand that negotiating a salary is extremely daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. Quad Recruitment have seen 100’s of pharmacy professionals negotiate their salary effectively. As pharmacy recruitment experts we can take this stress completely from you. However, if you’ve chosen to apply directly, you’ll need the below advice to help navigate through the negotiation process.


Why do you deserve a higher salary than what’s been advertised? This is your opportunity to pull together reasons why you believe a higher salary is merited.

What previous experience you can bring to the company? What style you could bring to the team? Any extra duties you would like to bring to the role?

Gather this information and be prepared to present this information professionally.


Understand how much you are actually worth.

Example: if you are currently working as a Pharmacy Manager at £40,000 for the last 3 years, you’ve gained lots of experienced dealing with busy pharmacies, managed lots of pharmacy professionals and have evidence that you’ve developed your skill set professionally. You have every right to be looking/ asking for a higher salary.

It’s also important to know how much is ‘too much’. Typically anything over 5k will be disregarded and not taken seriously. So if you rock up asking for a 10k increase they won’t see the positives of this. You have to consider the knock on effect this could have on the rest of the team. They see a ‘newbie’ starting (they don’t care about your experience) who has a FAR bigger salary than they do. It can cause a very toxic working environment.

It is important to remember than some companies have a cap on the starting salary that they can offer to any of their roles. If this is the case, it’s a loosing battle. It’s important to understand who your prospective employer is and if they have a capped salary range.

Just be realistic.


No emails.

This may come as a shock to many. You should never negotiate your salary over an email. Stay clear of being a key board warrior and go straight in with face-to-face negotiations.

We know it fills majority of working professionals in the UK with anxiety and embarrassment to ask for more money face to face. But if you’ve figured out your worth and you’ve collated a case together as to why you deserve it what’s the worst that could be said? No. Or let’s look at this pay increase after completing your probation period.

Emailing a pay increase to your prospective employer comes across as dishonest as you’ve had ample opportunity to ask face to face.

After completing the face to face, always follow up with a polite email covering what was discussed.


Be reasonable.

As mentioned previously, your prospective employer may have a cap on the salary they can offer any new starter based on their role. If you are greeted with this situation, it’s important not to be persistent, as this will only come across as rude and inconsiderate. You’re likely to pushing someone who doesn’t get a say in the finances of the business.

A positive to this reaction would be to ask about the pay increase structure and what that looks like for someone of your grade.

If a pay increase comes after completing a probation, it becomes less of an issue. If they don’t have a pay increase structure, then run.


Why does using a recruiter removes the negotiations for you?

First things first, we have great relationships with our Pharmacy clients, which makes asking for a higher salary far easier than you approaching this subject with little to no relationship built.

9/10 we approach your salary requirements prior to having an interview with your prospective employer. We know how much your worth, so we enter the shark tank to ask for them to invest more into your requirements prior to even meeting you.

If your CV is showing excellent experience, they will honour your salary expectation. There are a few reasons why they won’t match your salary expectations:

·        Strict budget

·        No matching market payers (no other employer in the area is offering this amount)

·        Want to meet you first to make their judgement (this is most common)

As we approach the salary negotiation subject first it gives you a clear indication on whether the role is going to be right for you based on their reaction to your expectations.

It’s very important to remember that we do the salary leg work for you, but we cannot interview for you! It’s your responsibility during interview to make sure you impress. We have a blog available for you to read which gives insight into how you as a Pharmacy Professional can pass an interview with flying colours! Click here to see this blog

Quad Recruitment are always here to source the best Pharmacy talent there is for our amazing clients. To kickstart your job search call us on 01244 621477 OR head over to our website: Click here