International Pharmacist Jobs in the UK- How do I transfer my international Pharmacy qualification to the UK?

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International Pharmacist Jobs in the UK- How do I transfer my international Pharmacy qualification to the UK?

​You’re an overseas or EU Pharmacists seeking to work in the UK as a Pharmacist? We’re here to tell you how to achieve this!

You will be classed in two categories depending on where you have obtained your degree.

If it was outside the EU you would be classed as an ‘overseas (non-EEA) qualified pharmacist’.


OSPAP stands for the 'Overseas Pharmacist Assessment Programme' which enable pharmacists from non-Eu countries to work inside the EU and involves training in practical and theoretical subjects within UK pharmacy. This course is accredited by the GPHC.

  1. The OSPAP course

Which universities supply this course?

  1. Aston University (Birmingham)

  2. Kingston University (London)

  3. University of Hertfordshire (Hartfield)

  4. Brighton University (Moulsecoomb)


This is normally a one-year course for those Pharmacists who have obtained their degree outside of the EU. (India, Sri Lanka, Dubai etc. and have a mixture of lectures, practical and workshops.)

However, with investing in your future Pharmacy career in the UK it does come at a price, with fees ranging between £11,700 - £16,218 depending on the university and if the course is either PGDip/MSc. Please see our helpful table below.


University Name & Course

Course Fees*


Aston Uni - OSPAP

£11,700 for PGDip / £17,500 for Msc

Kingston Uni - OSPAP

£13,000 - £16,000

 Pharmacy Practice (Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme) - Kingston University |

Hertfordshire Uni - OSPAP


Brighton Uni – OSPAP



**Data from 2020/2021 and subject to change. Please check university website.**


Currently, according to the GPhC, all of the OSPAP courses are oversubscribed for those starting in 2023 and 2024, meaning that if you’re applying NOW – I maybe unlikely to secure a place currently. But don’t panic! Check with your preferred university about availability before applying for the course.


  1. Fitness to Practice Evaluation:

When applying for the course you also must complete ALL sections of the application form and provide the necessary documents. That includes evidence of your English language skills

When you have done your application for the OSPAP course we recommend doing the forms for the registration of the GPHC as they will decide that your experience and education will meet the criteria then you can apply for the OSPAP course. This MUST happen before you start your OSPAP course within the next two year, but you must choose which university you’ll be applying for too. We recommend that you find out about the different courses before you send your form to GPHC evaluation. 


  1. The Pre-registration/Foundation Training Year and Sit the GPhC registration assessment:

After this then you’ll undergo 52 weeks of foundation training in England, Scotland or Wales and be signed off as satisfactory by your supervisor for your foundation year. Then you’ll have to take the GPHC exam which is a clinical knowledge test. There are countless of free resources available online and seminars.  This exam can be sat in June or November of your Foundation year.


  1. Post GPHC registration:

Once you have passed the exam, you’ll be given notice from the GPhC that you are a registered pharmacist in the UK (YAY!). After this you’ll need to keep up with the learning by undertaking training to ensure you can carry


Yet, here at Quad Recruitment we appreciate that overseas pharmacists may not be able to invest their finances in the OSPAP course currently. So, what roles can you look for as an international Pharmacist?

  1. Industry: with either a masters or experience in the pharma industry, you can apply for industry roles either as a medical science liaison, quality assurance, regulatory affairs officer etc.

  2. Pharmacy services: To gain valuable pharmacy experience it is wise to also seek a role in a pharmacy store as a pharmacy assistant/customer advisor/retail assistant in your high street pharmacy. You can apply for these roles online or directly in store. Another role you could also pursue is to become a qualified Pharmacy Dispenser. This requires an NVQ Level 2 qualification in dispensing or pharmacy services, this will allow you to apply for dispenser positions in the pharmacy and still maintain your knowledge of your profession. 


Have you digested all that information? Are you ready to start your Pharmacy career in the UK now?

Here at Quad Recruitment, we know the stress of job searching in this current climate can be daunting. That’s why when you register your details through our website, you’ll the first to be notified when the positions you want become available. When the right role comes along, you’ll be in communication with one of our dedicated consultants throughout the application process. When the right role is offered, our pharmacy recruitment experts will make sure all your questions are answered, as well as provide you with a detailed interview prep before the final interview with our top clients across the country. You’ll also be given relevant advice and resources to aid you through the process.

Job hunting has never been so stress-free here at Quad. Register your interest with us today!




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