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Pharmacy Interview Questions- What questions will I be asked during a Pharmacy Interview?

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Pharmacy Interview Questions- What questions will I be asked during a Pharmacy Interview?


You’re a Pharmacist about to be interviewed for a job in a Pharmacy. But you have no idea what questions they will ask? The stress and nerves then start to kick in and you are left dreading the interview. The thing is, this interview is the difference between you securing your new Pharmacy job or not…so pay attention to the hints and tips we’ll give you on questions we know that Pharmacies ask their potential new pharmacist.

It's important to bear in mind that the question types you’ll be asked between each pharmacy setting will differ. The core foundation of the questions will stay the same, you just need to know how to break down a question and produce a relevant and relatable answer.

Let’s look at some possible questions:

1.      Tell me about your previous experiences and why your seeking a new opportunity?

2.      Why did you choose Pharmacy as a career?

3.      What Pharmacy qualifications do you have, including additional extensions to your profession?

4.      Describe a time where you provided exceptional service as a pharmacist?

5.      Explain a situation where something has gone wrong and how you resolved the situation?

6.      Name three main skills that you’ve learnt during your experience as a pharmacist?

7.      Explain how you’ve handled bad experiences with patients/customers?

8.      Explain a time where you had to deal with a lack of stock with medication?

9.      You have an angry customer who is demanding medication that they aren’t entitled to, what do you do?

10.   What would you do if a patient/customer asked for advise on a medication you weren’t familiar with?



What are the answers to these questions?

The answers to these questions lie with your actual experience working actively as a pharmacist. However, if you are a newly qualified Pharmacist heading into your first role as an active pharmacist, you will respond to the questions differently. It will come from a position of ‘What would you do’ using all your knowledge from throughout your studies. The interviewer will understand your circumstance and will be seeking your personal values more than experience.

How can Quad Recruitment help me with Interviews?

When you choose Quad Recruitment to find you a Pharmacy position on the market, we assist you with the whole process. By this we mean right from meeting your career expectations i.e- salary, location, benefits etc. All they way until you start your new job. The interview is the most important bit. Our job is to prepare you for this in the best way we can. As 'Pharmacy Recruitment Experts' we offer a unique interview prep programme with all our Pharmacy Professionals prior to their interview. This means you could have a very unique insight into the organisation you’re interviewing with. We prepare our interview preparation session based on who you’ll be visiting- we sometimes even know exactly what questions you’ll be asked, which saves you a great deal of anxiety of the unknown.

Quad Recruitment have worked with hundreds of Pharmacy Professionals over the years and have seen 95% of these candidates with an offer to one or several pharmacy organisations. This is all down to our unique interview prep programme. Knowledge is king and we give you lots of it. We’re not Pharmacists, therefor cannot tell you what to say. What we do instead is listen to how you would answer the questions and offer the best advice in how to structure the answers.

We have another useful blog where one of our senior consultants addresses 6 top tips which you can implement into your interview. Take a look at this by clicking this link: PRESS ME

To start your journey with Quad Recruitment please use the following means to contact us:

T: 01244 621477

E: Info@quadrecruitment.com

Alternatively, you can apply directly over on our jobs page to the most suitable role: CLICK ME

We look forward to assisting you find and secure your next career step.