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Uk Workers

UK Workers Spend Over 82,000 Hours at Work Over Their Lifetime

Based on the average UK salary, each UK worker will end up a millionaire – but not in one go. A l...

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Does Your Job Match Your Hobbies? Vice Versa

As the title suggests, this is a brief blog about peoples jobs and how they match their lives out...

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Uk Un Employment

Unemployment At Near Record Low Despite Skills Fears

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown that UK unemployment has ...

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Web Devs

I.T Contractor Use Plummets

Professional recruitment firms reported that the number of candidates securing permanent roles in...

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Step Brothers, Quad Recruitment

Interview Questions....Important?

So, you’ve got an interview. It’s with a company that you love the look of, you’ve done plenty of...

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Moving On Up 2015 Logo

On the Up!!

So, Q4 of 2016 was interesting.Here at Quad we’d made a key hire in our Healthcare division by br...

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