Across the Pond, Up the Ladder: James Mann’s Move to Team USA

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Meet James Mann, a recruitment consultant at Quad Recruitment who recently traded his Union ...

James Mann
Kate Onissiphorou

By James Mann & Kate Onissiphorou

Meet James Mann, a recruitment consultant at Quad Recruitment who recently traded his Union Jack for an American flag.

Since starting his journey with us just five months ago, James has undergone an exciting change, making a bold leap to join our USA Team and lend his expertise to finding first-class pharmacists in the States.

This Q&A dives into James's exciting transition, exploring his future goals for Quad USA, the challenges and rewards of a new market, and what it means to be part of a company that truly invests in its people's growth. 

Get ready for an inspiring tale of ambition, adaptation, and the boundless possibilities that await at Quad Recruitment.

Q: James, congratulations on your recent move to the Quad USA team. What are you most looking forward to working with Team USA?

Thanks! I'm excited about several things. Firstly, the sheer scale and size of the US market present a new challenge. Immersing myself in a new landscape, understanding its nuances, and strategizing for success will be incredibly rewarding.

Secondly, I'm eager to tap into the diverse expertise and perspectives of my US colleagues. Collaboration across borders fosters fresh ideas and innovative solutions, something I truly value.

Q: How has your experience as a recruitment consultant in the UK prepared you for your role in the USA?

My UK experience has laid a solid foundation for my knowledge of pharmacy recruitment. My ability to grow a network and build relationships will allow for a smooth transition.

Q: What are your goals for the future with Quad USA?

My primary goal is to bring on multiple partners across various states and niches. I want to attract the best talent to these positions to help both candidates and clients grow in 2024.

Building our team internally will be a big goal for all of us here at Quad, so we can continue to grow our strong presence.

Q: What challenges do you anticipate facing when you start your new role?

Adapting to a new market's regulatory landscape, cultural nuances, and business practices will require an open mind and a willingness to learn. Building a network from scratch also presents a challenge, but I'm confident in my ability to forge strong relationships and earn trust quickly.

Q: What specific skills or areas of expertise do you hope to develop further by working with Team USA?

I'm keen to deepen my understanding of US-specific industry trends to allow me to develop business more effectively.

Additionally, I'm looking forward to expanding my expertise in niche markets that might differ significantly from the UK. This knowledge exchange will enhance my overall recruitment prowess.

Q: Looking back on your journey with Quad, what advice would you give to other recruitment consultants who might be interested in pursuing international opportunities?

Embrace the challenge! Stepping outside your comfort zone is the fastest way to learn and grow. Be open to new experiences, cultures, and ways of working. Actively seek mentorship and knowledge sharing with your colleagues. Finally, remember that hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude are universal currencies that will see you succeed anywhere.

Want to connect with James and learn more about his journey or Quad USA's exciting opportunities? Reach out to him directly at +1 (347) 718-4733 or via email at