Being at the mercy of the DBS.

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Being at the mercy of the DBS.Now, I completely agree and 100% support the enhanced backgrou...

Hannah Hemsley

By Hannah Hemsley

Being at the mercy of the DBS.

Now, I completely agree and 100% support the enhanced background checks on all members of staff that will either be working with, or in the same vicinity as a vulnerable child, any service user with Learning disabilities or any client base within Health and Social Care.

It is imperative that we maintain our high standards to keep all clients in a safe, secure and positive environment.

But I just can’t understand the time frame it takes for a DBS check to be cleared.

I know, there is the online update service, but how many Healthcare professionals are on this system or even aware of it?

I've had candidate’s wait just 7-10 days and some poor souls wait up to 3 or even 4 whole months! Unfortunately, it always seems to be the latter.

Now I am not a consultant who is just looking for a ‘quick win’ and I completely understand and appreciate there will always be a wait. I do like to think my after-placement care is always at the highest level, keeping dropouts to a minimum even on week 12 of waiting. Unfortunately, people are only so patient. But these are peoples’ lives, these are companies in need of quality staff.

Why in 2017 has there been no real promotion into the update server and how is the process still so drawn out?

Small but very important factors can change the time frame, if a candidate has had more than two home address within 6 years this can easily add another week or two onto the checks. If they've recently been married or even if they've changed their name, again, weeks added onto the process. I know there's millions of people applying so the workload for the DBS must be huge. But seriously, there has to be a better, more efficient way.

I always inform my candidates of the DBS update server. At least if they consider it and sign up then they can acquire a quicker position further down their career.

This is why after placement care is one of the most important phases of the recruitment process. The recruitment process does not end on a successful offer.

No matter how big my workload is, I will always take time during the week to contact every placed candidate who is awaiting a start date.

This mostly consists of the candidate unloading their frustrations onto you and all you can really do is reassure them of their concerns. Keeping the new position and company fresh in the mind of the candidate is imperative.

If I was in their shoes, I would not want 4-6 weeks of silence before a start date.

Every client will then receive a candidate update email on their DBS stage and how the candidate is generally feeling.

Sometimes if a client offers the candidate to come back in for a quick brew and a catch-up, it can make all the difference!

Cut the DBS some slack, they’re ridiculously busy!

But always, always manage your after-placement care superstars.

All the best