Ear On The Pulse – What Salary an Audiologist Should Expect in 2024

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Ear On The Pulse – What Salary an Audiologist Should Expect in 2024Join me as we delve...

Nathan Doherty

By Nathan Doherty

Ear On The Pulse – What Salary an Audiologist Should Expect in 2024

Join me as we delve into the current market landscape to provide audiologists with a clear picture of what to anticipate in terms of compensation this year. We explore the factors influencing salary ranges and help you navigate your career decisions with confidence.

 What Salary to Expect?

Base Salary

In the UK, audiologists can expect a base salary ranging from £25,000 to £45,000 in 2024. Entry-level positions typically start at £25,000 to £30,000 annually, especially within the NHS. More experienced professionals or those in senior roles can see earnings climb to £45,000 or higher. Various factors like location, experience, and employer specifics play a crucial role in determining these salary ranges.

What Additional Benefits you Could Expect as an Audiologist? 

Other Benefits

In the private sector, audiologists often enjoy a range of additional benefits beyond their base salary. These can include; 

  1. Private healthcare insurance
  2. Performance-based bonuses which work on commission depending on your sales performance. In some cases, some Audiologists earn up to 20% on all sales which allows their yearly take home salary to reach well over 6 figures!!
  3. Career stability and growth- your path is pretty clear and you can work your way to the top with the right organisation. 
  4. Fantastic Pension Schemes.

Also look out for professional development opportunities such as funding for further education and training. Other perks may encompass flexible working hours, generous holiday allowances (33 days is noted as a good holiday allowance), and pension schemes. Some employers also offer perks like gym memberships, wellness programs, and employee discounts.


Factors To Consider

Work environment: 

Audiologists work in diverse settings, including hospitals, private clinics, private businesses, schools, and research facilities. Consider which environment aligns with your career goals and preferred working conditions. With these positions sometimes they can also be based on the road, going to people’s homes. The coined phrase for this line of work is called being a ‘Domiciliary Audiologist’.


Ask your employer…

I must say this, if you’re looking for a new position strictly for a pay rise or perhaps more flexible working hours, have you asked your employer before applying for roles? Typically, if you’re doing a good job where you’re currently working, your employer would much prefer to meet your needs than loose you! Ask the question, if they cannot accommodate your needs then it’s time to start looking.


In Conclusion

If you are an Audiologist looking for work, reach out to Quad Recruitment and we will look at your experience and find you something that suits all your needs (shameless plug).


Thanks for reading!