Quad News April 2024: Meet Harry

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Welcome to our latest Q&A blog, where we're thrilled to introduce our newest member, Har...

Kate Onissiphorou
Harry Tiplady

By Kate Onissiphorou & Harry Tiplady

Welcome to our latest Q&A blog, where we're thrilled to introduce our newest member, Harry Tiplady, to the Quad Squad. In this interview, we'll delve into Harry's background, interests, and aspirations, offering you a glimpse into the newest member of our team.

Q: What made you choose recruitment?

A: I felt like I had a lot of applicable / transferable skills that apply to this industry. I also had a couple of friends already in recruitment who only fed back positive things so I thought I'd give it a crack!

Q: What’s your favourite quote?

A: I actually can't even think of 1.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Anything sport, I'm a fair weather golfer but my main passion is football. I've played Saturday League football since I was 16, and I'm an avid Ipswich Town fan so I like to go and watch them when I can. I regularly attend the gym 3-5x a week and then ruin all the progress with takeaways & pints on the weekend. I watch a lot of TV series and movies (especially horror) and, as a sort of side hobby, rate them on Letterbox. I'm also a big fan of stand-up comedy, my favourites being Gary Delaney & Ricky Gervais.

Q: If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A: Chicken wings (Jerk or Buffalo) or chili beef nachos.

Q: Before working at Quad Recruitment, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: I'd say when I was 17/18 working in a grain store doing 12 hours days, 7 days a week, in the summer holidays. It was really tough/draining work (I lost 7kg during this period!) but it paid for some good holidays.

Q: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?

A: Zac Efron and before anyone jumps on on it...yes I am aware I'm better looking than him! 

Q: What's your go-to drink?

A: Guinness, no contest.

Q: What are you most looking forward to over the next year at Quad Recruitment?

A: I'd definitely say the challenge of moving into/learning a completely new industry sector. As it's a wholesale change moving from Cambridge, it also makes it a little bit more exciting, and I can't wait to get going.

As we wrap up this Q&A, we're excited to embark on this journey with Harry as he takes on the challenge of transitioning into a new industry sector with Quad Recruitment. If you're interested in exploring new opportunities in the pharmacy sector, feel free to reach out to Harry below to discuss the current roles he has available across the UK. 

Mobile: 07808 269182

Email: harry.tiplady@quadrecruitment.com