The Evolution of Quad Recruitments Healthcare Division.

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This is, in fact, my first blog, ever. However, at Quad we are a big believer in building ou...

James Roberts

By James Roberts

This is, in fact, my first blog, ever. However, at Quad we are a big believer in building our brand to its full potential, therefore I have decided (with a push from our director) to make the first healthcare blog just so everyone out there can so how far we have come on this incredible journey.

September the 1st I joined Quad as the Head of Health and Social Care, with a shared vision with our director James, to build a strong healthcare brand. This was non-existent with Quad, not just the desk but the whole division. Quad has given the healthcare team its full support, from funding in new job boards, new database’s and of course my new consultants.

The first month we brought on some fantastic new clients ranging from special schools to residential homes across the North East and North West. The momentum came quite quick and we were already building some fantastic relationships across the UK by November and making some excellent permanent placements along the way.

It was at this point a fellow colleague at Quad, Lee Woodward decided he would like to join the Healthcare team. He would be the first consultant I would manage, although, he is already very experienced so I didn’t have to do much guiding/training with him. He has had a great start so far, taking on some great clients and building some strong relationships with them.

Towards the end of the year, the healthcare team was developing very well and even becoming the highest billing division of quad for three months straight. (We lost that title in January, but quickly reclaimed it back in February). After a company meeting We decided it was time to bring on a fresh face to the team, but this time we would look for a trainee.

This would be my first experience in completely training a recruiter from almost scratch. We developed a brilliant training package and structure to support our new addition.

Along comes Chloe.

Chloe is our newest addition to the team, she came from a competitive sales background where she was selling caravans. Chloe was a complete trainee with some fantastic sales skills that she has quickly adapted into recruitment. Today marks her first full week with Quad. In that time, she has completed the basics of recruitment and is developing her skills to be a full 360 recruiter.

On only her 6th day she managed to bring on a brand new client to Quad, a company that specialises in vulnerable children and has five homes across the South West. A brilliant start to her recruitment career. She appears to have no fear of the phone and with the right support, I believe she will go very far in healthcare recruitment.

Watch this Space....