Why is temporary Healthcare recruitment a fantastic solution to our clients?

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Well, what a fantastic couple of months we’ve had with our temporary division over the last ...

Ashley  Burgoyne

By Ashley Burgoyne

Well, what a fantastic couple of months we’ve had with our temporary division over the last two months.

Filling 100% of all shifts we have acquired over the last few weeks is a huge achievement, it proves we really are fast, consistent and dedicated to not only our clients, but our staff as well.

I worked in permanent recruitment for a few years before I developed and established the temporary division within Quad, with the support of the MD and my consultant’s we have created a truly fantastic workforce to support our clients.

From what started off as simple discussions about temporary recruitment a year or so ago, to a fully functioning staff force consisting of Nurses and healthcare professionals has been one roller-coaster of a ride.

The biggest surprise I’ve had with the temp side of life is the candidate’s. The level of commitment, dedication and professionalism I am experiencing with my Nurses and Healthcare staff is just amazing. Communication is the key. If your staff feel valued and a part of a company that truly wants to see their career progress then you will have no problem in booking shifts. Speaking of which, we are currently on 100% successful fill rate on all shifts over the last month.

Our new consultant Holly, has brought with her some fantastic knowledge and experience. She used to work as a Care worker herself. So, she knows exactly what our staff expect from us and how to deliver it to them.

At the moment, it is far quicker to source, interview and place a candidate in a temporary position with a view to go permanent. It also cements the candidate to the company. After a few shifts, they become increasingly committed and dedicated to the client.

I believe this is because we are taking what could be a 4 to 12-week permanent DBS process down to just a few days or weeks.

The client is happy because they know they have almost immediate cover and do not need to worry about the candidate getting cold feet whilst there waiting for all their checks and DBS application to go through.

Of course, I am basing this of the idea that my temporary staff are on the online DBS update service. Which incredibly almost all our staff are. I would say 9/10 candidates I approach will be on the update server, compared to 1 out of 100 candidates I approach for permanent recruitment.

Now we can work with the public sector, Depoel and the privet sector, I imagine the next few months will bring a whole new set of challenges and achievement’s.

Happy clients, happy staff, Happy Quad.

Thank you for reading.

Ashley Burgoyne.

Head of Health and Social Care."