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Your career opportunities in optometry have never been more diverse! At Quad Recruitment, we're here to help you explore your unique path and support you every step of the way. 

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Quad Recruitment has cultivated a thriving presence in the audiology field, offering a diverse array of opportunities for various audiology roles.


In the UK, audiologists have a variety of responsibilities that encompass clinical, administrative, and educational roles. These include:

  1. Patient Assessment and Diagnosis
  2. Hearing Aid Fitting and Management
  3. Treatment and Rehabilitation
  4. Balance and Vestibular Assessment
  5. Paediatric Audiology
  6. Collaboration and Referral
  7. Record Keeping and Administration
  8. Education and Training
  9. Research and Development
  10. Compliance and Ethics
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Hearing Wellness Advisor

In the UK, a Hearing Wellness Advisor has a range of responsibilities centered around promoting hearing health, providing support to individuals with hearing issues, and facilitating the use of hearing aids and other auditory devices. These responsibilities include:

  1. Client Assessment and Support
  2. Hearing Aid Consultations
  3. Education and Counselling
  4. Follow-Up Care
  5. Community Outreach and Awareness
  6. Product Maintenance and Repairs
  7. Record Keeping and Documentation
  8. Sales and Administration
  9. Professional Development
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Domiciliary Audiologist

In the UK, a domiciliary audiologist provides hearing care services to patients in their homes or residential care settings. The responsibilities of a domiciliary audiologist include:

  1. Patient Assessment and Diagnosis
  2. Hearing Aid Fitting and Management
  3. Home Visits and Travel
  4. Patient Care and Counselling
  5. Follow-Up and Maintenance
  6. Record Keeping and Documentation
  7. Collaboration and Referrals
  8. Community Outreach and Education
  9. Professional Development
  10. Health and Safety Compliance
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Unlock Boundless Opportunities for Audiology with Quad Recruitment!

At Quad Recruitment, we proudly offer a diverse array of compelling opportunities within the audiology field, tailored to the aspirations and talents of professionals like you.

Entering the audiology sector can be challenging, but once you're in, the potential for growth and impact is limitless. Below, explore some of the roles and responsibilities integral to the audiology industry:

Clinical Audiology: Immerse yourself in the clinical world of audiology, where you can diagnose hearing disorders, fit hearing aids, and provide rehabilitation services to improve patients' quality of life.

Research and Development: Engage in pioneering research within audiology, contributing to advancements in hearing technology and therapies. From clinical trials to developing innovative treatments, this path is ideal for those passionate about scientific discovery.

Regulatory Affairs: Utilise your meticulous attention to detail in regulatory affairs within audiology. Ensure compliance with evolving regulations, navigate approval processes for new devices and treatments, and play a pivotal role in patient safety and innovation.

Audiology Sales and Marketing: Apply your communication skills and strategic thinking in audiology sales and marketing. Engage with healthcare providers, promote cutting-edge hearing solutions, and build partnerships that drive business growth and patient care.

Audiology Informatics: Combine your audiology expertise with data analysis and technology in audiology informatics. Enhance diagnostic systems, streamline workflows, and leverage data insights to enhance patient outcomes.

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