Consultant Deep Dive: A Day in The Life of a Recruiter

3 mins

Welcome to Quad Recruitment, where we approach each day with a mix of dedication and pragmat...


Welcome to Quad Recruitment, where we approach each day with a mix of dedication and pragmatism. Let's take a look at the ins and outs of a typical day, highlighting the care and practical approach that define our work.

Morning Routine:

The day kicks off with the usual routine—emails, team meetings, and a quick check on industry updates. It's not all about grand gestures; it's about staying grounded and informed to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Candidate Sourcing and Engagement:

Scouring job boards and engaging with potential candidates is a task we approach with a balanced perspective. It's not about overhyping the roles we work but rather understanding the needs and aspirations of candidates. Building relationships is a major part of the game, but it's done fairly; we’re realistic and understand what it is you are actually looking for.

Client Collaboration and Job Briefing:

Collaborating with clients involves understanding job briefs and refining them for clarity. It's not about creating an illusion of perfection but ensuring that we grasp the essentials. Communication is straightforward, focusing on what matters most for a successful match.

Candidate Screening and Shortlisting:

The screening process is a meticulous task, approached with a practical mindset. CVs are reviewed, interviews conducted, and candidates assessed against job criteria. The goal is clear—present our clients with the best possible talent while also ensuring it is the best possible opportunity for the candidate.

Lunch Break

Disconnecting from work for an hour is important to recharge and be ready for a busy afternoon. We are fortunate to be based with scenic walks near our office, so we can get the fresh air we need to hit the phones in the afternoon.

Afternoon Hustle – Interview Coordination and Feedback:

The afternoon is a hustle, coordinating interviews and gathering feedback. It's not about creating a spectacle but ensuring a smooth process. Feedback is collected with a focus on improvement, not just for appearances but for tangible results.

End of Day Wrap-Up:

As the day winds down, loose ends are tied up with attention to detail. Emails are answered promptly, and databases are updated efficiently. Every day is about reflection and ensuring that tasks are completed so that progress can be made.


Being a pharmacy recruiter at Quad Recruitment is an amazing experience. If you're a pharmacist seeking a new opportunity or a healthcare organisation in need of quality talent, Quad Recruitment brings a straightforward and effective approach to navigating the world of pharmacy recruitment.