Post-GPhC Exam Career Options: What's Next?

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Congratulations on passing your GPhC exam! This is a significant milestone in your phar...

Kate Onissiphorou

By Kate Onissiphorou

Congratulations on passing your GPhC exam! 

This is a significant milestone in your pharmacy career, and it's now time to start thinking about your next steps. With a wide range of career options available to you, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we're here to help.

Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacy is a great option for newly qualified pharmacists who want to work directly with patients. In a community pharmacy, you'll be responsible for dispensing medication, providing patient advice, and conducting medication reviews. You'll also have the opportunity to work with a variety of other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses.

Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy is a more specialised field of pharmacy, and it's a great option for pharmacists who are interested in working with patients who have complex medical conditions. In a hospital pharmacy, you'll be responsible for a variety of tasks, including preparing medications, managing patient medication records, and providing medication education to patients and healthcare staff.

Industry Pharmacy

Industry pharmacy is a growing field, and it's a great option for pharmacists who are interested in research and development. In an industry pharmacy, you could be involved in a variety of tasks, such as developing new drugs, conducting clinical trials, and ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications.

Other Careers in Pharmacy

In addition to the traditional pharmacy careers listed above, there are a number of other career options available to pharmacists. These include:

Research pharmacy 

Research pharmacists conduct research to develop new drugs and treatments for diseases. They are dedicated to advancing the field of pharmacy by conducting ground-breaking research to develop new drugs and treatments for various diseases. This career path is perfect for individuals who have a keen interest in drug development, clinical trials, and contributing to medical advancements.

Regulatory pharmacy

Regulatory pharmacists are the guardians of medication safety and efficacy. They play a critical role in ensuring that pharmaceutical products meet stringent regulatory standards and quality requirements. This career path is for those who have a meticulous eye for detail, a deep understanding of regulatory compliance, and a commitment to patient safety.

How We Can Help You in Your Pharmacy Career

We are a nationwide pharmacy recruitment agency with a network of employers across the UK. We can help you find a job that matches your skills and interests. We also offer a number of resources to help you with your job search, including CV writing tips, interview preparation, and salary negotiation advice.

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