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As a leading temporary pharmacy recruitment agency, we've established a network of talented contract pharmacists across the USA.

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We've got you covered

If you're looking for temporary pharmacy professionals to fill an immediate or long-standing need, we have a substantial group of active candidates available to assist you. We ensure your candidates start their assignment with high level compliance adhering to all state and organizational guidelines. 

We'll take care of all the necessary requirements. Rest easy knowing that your candidates are thoroughly screened to meet your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

Quite simple- we stay legal and we adhere to what you need! 

All of our contractors are employed through a organization called PGC. Their standards are of high level as a well respeced employer for our contractors. 

This vary's depending on the organization location, specification and contract length. 

A consultant has the ability to walk you through the exact charge rates based off some specific questions. 

This varies from day to week to month. 

If you have a large or small requirement within your organization we can certainly help. Quad Recruitment have a telented pool of pharmacy professionals ready to assist with any temporary requirements. 

It's as easy as clicking the following button: CLICK ME

We have a wide range of Pharmacy professionals that choose to find their contracts through Quad Recruitment

  • Pharmacists 
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • and any other pharmacy professionals you are seeking right now

If we have a fully compliant candidate prepared prior to your requirements, we will simply refresh and send them out straight away.

If we need to complete full compliance requirements, this is centered around how quickly the candidates are willing to complete their compliance.

We will move as quickly as possible to accommodate your needs.

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