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How We Streamline Pharmacist Searches

As a specialized pharmacy staffing agency, we understand that finding exceptional pharmacy professionals is crucial for the success of your organization and we’re committed to assisting you in optimizing your talent acquisition strategy. With our in-depth industry expertise and personalized approach, we work closely with our clients to maximize your chances of finding the perfect candidates. A few of our methods include:

  • Strategic Candidate Sourcing
  • Streamlined Screening and Assessment
  • Effective Interview Coordination
  • Negotiating 
  • Ongoing Support and Follow-up

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As you may have established, Pharmacy is the ONLY type of staffing we do. 

We take great pride in being able to say that we are the largest independent Pharmacy Specialist staffing agency in the USA.

Our Services

Our Packages

We have three packages to choose within our contingency search options. Take a peek below and find a package that offers the type of cover you require. 

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Gold Package

Introducing our premier service in contingency search - the epitome of our offerings.

Our commitment is to assist you in searching, finding, and fulfilling your staffing needs. Should we successfully identify a candidate who you subsequently hire within your organization, our invoicing will only occur upon the commencement of the successful pharmacy candidate's new role. Payment is contingent upon our success - a true testament to our dedication.

Encompassed within this comprehensive package:

  • A 12-week rebate strategy.
  • Flexible 30-day payment terms.
  • Your dedicated point of contact at Quad Recruitment.
  • Uninterrupted 24/7 communication availability.
  • Unrestricted access to our expansive and constantly updated Pharmacy database.
  • Optional interview coaching as needed.
  • Provision of reference checks for triumphant candidates if desired.
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Silver Package

Introducing our esteemed Silver Package, a remarkable offering that stands shoulder to shoulder with our Gold Standard.

Designed to meet your staffing needs, this package reflects our commitment to your success. Upon finding, searching, identifying and successfully integrating a candidate into your organization, our invoicing will be initiated only upon their commencement in the new role, showcasing our steadfast dedication to your achievements.

The Silver Package encompasses:

  • An attractive eight-week rebate plan, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Accelerated 21-day payment terms, reflecting our efficiency and dedication.
  • Your own dedicated point of contact at Quad Recruitment, ensuring personalized assistance.
  • Seamless access to our dynamic and up-to-date Pharmacy database, ensuring a broad spectrum of talent.
  • An optional opportunity for interview coaching, tailored to your preferences.

Choose the Silver Package for a refined and effective approach to fulfilling your staffing needs.

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Bronze Package

Our Bronze Package is designed with meticulous care to provide a solid foundation for your staffing needs.

At Quad Recruitment, our dedicated resourcing team will place your roles within a curated pool of opportunities. Rest assured, the search standards applied are consistent with all our search roles, promising a thorough and effective approach to helping you find pharmacists.

While we do not provide explicit guarantees on timelines or success rates, the Bronze Package offers:

  • A responsive six-week rebate plan, ensuring your confidence in our service.
  • A swift 14-day payment term, reflecting our commitment to efficiency.
  • Exclusive access to a team of specialist pharmacy recruiters, each poised to bring their expertise to your endeavors.

Choose the Bronze Package as your stepping stone towards successful staffing solutions, backed by Quad Recruitment's renowned dedication to excellence.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In essence, we handle every facet.

Recruitment demands a significant investment of time and an extensive wealth of expertise. Within this comprehensive package, we assume full responsibility for your internal recruitment, even down to the management of your job advertisements. We maintain constant communication with on-site managers; the moment they have vacancies, we're alerted and immediately get to work, sourcing suitable candidates to bolster your team.

Your role is simplified: keep us updated on your latest vacancies and prepare for interviews.

This service is offered at a recurring monthly rate with a contracted minimum term.

For those earnestly dedicated to optimizing their internal recruitment, this solution offers a highly effective means to seize control and drive success.

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Are You Looking For Contract Staff?

Not to worry, we've got you covered! 

Quad Recruitment has a workforce of live contract pharmacy professionals who solely work temporary contracts.

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Types of Pharmacy Recruitment We Support With

We understand that every organization has different needs when it comes to recruitment and searching for pharmacists is easier said than done. That's why we offer a variety of services to meet those needs. 

Quad Recruitment offers the following types of recruitment:

Direct Hire

We attract pharmacy professionals who will be employed permanently. These candidates will immediately become your organization's employees upon accepting a job offer.


Our team will attract candidates for a specific period of time, typically on a project basis. These candidates will not be employed directly with your organization.

Per Diem

This is similar to contract recruitment, where the candidates are not employed directly with your organization. Per diem employees work on an as-needed basis and may be needed one day but not the next.

Retained Search

If you have an urgent position that requires the best possible candidate, retained search may be the way to go. You retain our services and get all of our time. For this service, you pay us upfront for our time.

Mass Hire

Do you have requirements for multiple vacancies to be filled, then a mass hire could be a great option. We host recruitment events to attract multiple candidates at once. We coordinate this closely with your recruitment team to ensure a seamless event is conducted. We help you find pharmacists for virtually any pharmacy type including a Retail and Community PharmacyCompounding PharmacyMail Order PharmacyHome-infusion PharmacyLong-term Care PharmacyHospital Inpatient PharmacyHospital Outpatient Pharmacy, and Nuclear Pharmacy.

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