Aside from being the typical staff pharmacist, Quad has many other managerial positions available for qualified pharmacists. Please see below the types of managerial positions we have at Quad Recruitment.

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Whether you're an experienced pharmacist seeking new opportunities or an aspiring professional eager to embark on this rewarding journey, Quad Recruitment is here to guide you every step of the way.

Join us as we explore the vital responsibilities, diverse career paths, and endless possibilities that await you as a pharmacist.

Aside from being the typical staff pharmacist, Quad has many other managerial positions available for qualified pharmacists. Please see below the types of managerial positions we have at Quad Recruitment.

Chief Pharmacy Officer

A Chief Pharmacy Officer (CPO) is a senior-level pharmacist overseeing pharmacy operations in healthcare organizations. Quad Recruitment is actively seeking talented CPOs. To learn more, click below.

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Vice President of Pharmacy

Elevate your career to the strategic forefront. Explore Vice President of Pharmacy opportunities with Quad Recruitment, where you'll shape the future of healthcare.

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Director of Pharmacy

As a Director of Pharmacy, you'll lead pharmacy teams to ensure exceptional patient care. Quad Recruitment is here to connect you with Director of Pharmacy positions.

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District Pharmacy Manager

Quad Recruitment is your gateway to District Pharmacy Manager roles, offering a chance to expand your horizons. Explore further by clicking below.

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Pharmacy Manager

Be the driving force behind pharmacy operations. Quad Recruitment presents Pharmacy Manager positions that empower you to make a difference. Click below to find out more.

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What qualifications do I need to become a Pharmacist?

To embark on this fulfilling journey, there are specific qualifications and educational requirements you'll need to meet before you are licensed to become a pharmacist. The process typically involves the following qualifications:

Complete a Bachelor's Degree

The first step to becoming a pharmacist is to complete a bachelor's degree. This can be in any field, but most pharmacy schools prefer applicants who have a degree in a science-related field, such as biology, chemistry, or physics.

Apply to Pharmacy School

Once you have completed your bachelor's degree, you can apply to pharmacy school. Pharmacy school is a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program that typically takes four years to complete. You will need to complete The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) which is a requirement for most pharmacy programs.

Complete a PharmD Program

Pharmacy school is a rigorous program that includes coursework in pharmacology, pharmacy practice, and pharmaceutical sciences. You’ll also need to complete a formal internship at a pharmacy during your program. The hours needed in your internship will depend on your state’s licensing requirements.

Take Licensure Exams

Pharmacists are required to take 2 licensing exams after successfully completing a PharmD program. You’ll need to take the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam (NAPLEX) and either the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE) or a jurisprudence exam specific to your state. Your state’s licensing board will let you know which exam you need to take. Once you’ve passed, you’ll have everything you need to start applying for pharmacy jobs.

Regardless of having extensive pharma knowledge (which your education will guarantee you have), how quickly you progress your career as a pharmacist is based on a handful of other skills that you’ll nurture from learning and practicing as a pharmacist. To help answer this question of what a pharmacist is and what they do, here’s a few skills you’ll need to succeed. 

Career advancement in pharmacy requires a diverse range of skills, some acquired through learning and practice, whilst others come naturally. The specific skills needed vary depending on the type of pharmacist you become. To accelerate your professional and personal growth in this field, below highlights some of the key skills you’ll need.

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Excellent Communication Skills

When communicating with the general public and other healthcare professionals, you must pay close attention to what patients are saying and explain complex and occasionally sensitive information.

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Meticulous Attention To Detail

Your attention to detail is paramount in the pharmacy industry. Every action carries significant weight, as any errors could impact both you and your patients.

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Ability To Work In A Team

The role of pharmacist often requires liaising with other healthcare professionals, as well as with the rest of the team to ensure things run smoothly. A team oriented work ethic will help you build constructive coordination and be critical in how quickly you grow into a more senior position.

Why choose a career as a Pharmacist?

Becoming a pharmacist offers a fulfilling and impactful career. You'll make a meaningful difference in patients' lives daily by getting to interact with them directly, forming lasting relationships within your sector. Most pharmacy jobs also provide room to grow, diverse leadership options, and flexible working arrangements - everything you could ask for in a career.

Contact Quad Recruitment to meet your pharmacy career needs and embark on a rewarding journey in healthcare.

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