Mail Order Pharmacy

Mail Order Pharmacy

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A mail order pharmacy is a pharmacy that dispenses medications by mail. Mail-order pharmacies can be a convenient option for patients who live in rural areas or who have difficulty getting to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Mail-order pharmacies typically operate through a central warehouse or distribution center. Our team of dedicated recruiters at Quad Recruitment are always on the lookout for mail order pharmacists looking to work in mail-order pharmacies. There are opportunities for the job of a remote mail order pharmacist too! Mail order pharmacist jobs are in high demand - so it’s no surprise that the average mail order pharmacist salary is in 6 digits annually.

Mail Order Pharmacist Overview

A mail order pharmacist’s job at the warehouse involves filling prescriptions and packaging them for shipping. The medications are then shipped to patients' homes. Other tasks include:

Consulting with patients

A mail order pharmacist consults with patients about their medications, including their intended use, side effects, and potential interactions with other medications.

Providing medication counseling

A mail order pharmacist provides medication counseling to patients, which can include explaining how to take their medications, and how to store their medications safely.

Managing inventory

A mail order pharmacist manages the inventory of medications at the mail order pharmacy, ensuring that there is enough medication on hand to meet patient demand.

Maintaining records

A mail order pharmacist maintains records of all prescriptions that are filled, including the patient's name, medication, dosage, and refills.

Following regulations

A mail order pharmacist follows all applicable regulations, such as those governing the dispensing of controlled substances.

Mail-Order Pharmacy Technician Overview

A pharmacy technician in a mail-order pharmacy performs a variety of tasks to help ensure that medications are dispensed accurately and safely. These tasks may include:

Verifying prescriptions: Pharmacy technicians verify prescriptions from doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure that they are accurate and complete.

Entering prescriptions into the computer: Pharmacy technicians enter prescriptions into the pharmacy's computer system to track the status of each prescription.

Pulling medications: Pharmacy technicians pull medications from the pharmacy's inventory and prepare them for dispensing.

Labelling medications: Pharmacy technicians label medications with the patient's name, medication, dosage, and other relevant information.

Packing medications: Pharmacy technicians pack medications for shipping to patients.

Answering phones: Pharmacy technicians answer phones and answer patients' questions about their medications.

Processing insurance claims: Pharmacy technicians process insurance claims for prescriptions that are filled at the mail-order pharmacy.

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