Pros and Cons Working As A Remote Pharmacist

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Every medical facility relies on a pharmacist to deliver treatments to their patients. In si...

Every medical facility relies on a pharmacist to deliver treatments to their patients. In simple terms, a pharmacist is an expert on drug administration. This means that every person who needs medication must consult with a pharmacy technician to understand the correct dosage, schedule, and side effects of their prescription drugs. A remote pharmacist is simply a clinical pharmacist who manages drug administration from a distance, i.e. often virtually or on a tele-call.

What Does a Remote Pharmacist Career Entail

Remote pharmacist careers revolve around handling prescriptions, answering queries about drug interactions, and offering consultations to hospitals or commercial pharmacies. With a rising culture of online medical consultations where doctors are offering advice through video calls, the requirements for remote pharmacists are growing at an unprecedented rate. These pharmacists work closely with medical facilities and doctors to offer 24*7 support and care for remotely-located patients who require guidance with their prescriptions. 

Now that we know the critical role played by remote pharmacists in providing in-patient and out-patient care, let us learn how being in this job can affect you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking up a remote pharmacist job position? Read on to find out!

The Benefits of Remote Work in Pharmacy

Being a remote pharmacist comes with a unique set of advantages of working from home, such as:

  1. Flexibility in Work

Work from home pharmacist jobs give pharmacists greater control over their daily schedules, as a work-from-home pharmacy technician can choose their working hours. This freedom means they can learn, grow, and work on their timelines. As a result of having non-traditional working hours, remote pharmacists get more time to pursue personal commitments or hobbies in their day-to-day lives.

  1. Geographic liberty

One key advantage of building a remote pharmacist career is that you are never confined to a geographic location. This means you can live your life as a digital nomad, and stay connected to your work demands through the internet. Since an online presence is your primary means of reaching patients or clients, you are never controlled by distance or traveling hassles. So, you might as well be on a vacation away from home, but still deliver care and advice where it is needed!

  1. Diversity of job options

The digital revolution has made it possible for remote workers to access a larger pool of jobs around the world. Since a remote pharmacist is not limited by location, they can serve multiple people and companies by having a diverse client base. In practice, this looks like having short consultation calls or research-based jobs that revolve around different health cases. Ironically, when you are a remote pharmacist, staying at home for your job can let you sell your services on a global scale. 

Disadvantages of Remote Work For Pharmacists

Despite being a market-driven technician, there are some disadvantages of working from home. These are:

  1. Limited real-life interactions

While there are many benefits of remote work, we need to be aware that most serious caregivers for patients prefer real-life consultations with medical technicians. This means that a work-from-home pharmacy technician misses out on opportunities that require closer interactions with patients, where physical presence becomes necessary. Remaining strictly online can cause challenges in providing personalized care, or addressing new concerns that could arise in the course of ongoing drug administration. As a result, your job as a remote pharmacist can sometimes be niche-based and limited when compared to a traditional pharmacist.

  1. Technological Challenges

Staying connected through advanced technology helps you reach your clients from anywhere in the world. However, this heavy reliance on technology can become a curse if you find yourself disconnected due to a lack of stable connectivity, or software glitches. Since you deal with sensitive medical data, you are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks which can disrupt your workflow and also compromise patient safety. 

  1. Isolation

Isolation is a serious disadvantage of working from home for remote pharmacists. The physical distance reduces their chances for collaboration with industry experts, and other medical professionals. As they offer support through online channels, they are hindered from taking part in real-time patient care discussions and working alongside others in traditional pharmacy settings. Thus, a remote pharmacy career always offers limited scope for communication and collaboration during demanding medical care scenarios.


Remote Pharmacist Positions: Opportunities and Challenges

Growing in your career as a remote clinical pharmacist can be complicated. There are many things a budding pharmacist must consider before taking up a job, such as the schedule, work culture, and learning prospects offered by a particular employer. Just having educational qualifications and skills is not enough to land an ideal remote role, as you are required to market yourself and network within your industry. 

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