Quad Tips: How to Deal with Job Rejection

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Let's set the scene…You’re currently looking for a new job opportunity in an area you really...

Let's set the scene…

You’re currently looking for a new job opportunity in an area you really want to work, it’s been months and months of searching and you’ve finally found the perfect role. You apply and get an interview booked in. You go to the interview and think that it has gone rather well. Later that week you get a phone call being told that you’re not the one for the role or that you didn’t have the correct experience, or they found someone better…Not the best feeling, right?

Stay Positive

Firstly you’ve now lost all motivation to continue looking for your dream role because of one let down. This is not the right move, when looking for new jobs and especially if you’re looking for a change in career then you will unfortunately get rejected from positions. That’s ok. Use this as an opportunity to learn and make yourself a better candidate for the future.

Make some changes

Next, I like to look at ways in which I could change my approach to make myself a better candidate, whether there is something to try and learn which is a transferable skill to make your Resume more suitable for that position or to look at ways in which you can add value to those companies. Find things that you have that others may not as well as why you will add value to their company, highlight this to the interviewer. Make sure you research the companies. This one is really important, sounds simple and that’s because it is. Companies love it when you take the time to find out information on them and looking at where that company has come from and what it wants to become is the key.


It would be easy at this point to brush off their decision and do no changes to how you come across in future interviews. Some employers will offer out some feedback. This feedback is often hard to swallow, however if you use this vital feedback and ensure it changes the way you communicate or convey yourself in an interview, it could be revolutionary.

Don't give up!

Finally, keep applying. Like I said earlier if you get rejected, its not the end of the world and a new role will come up, keep applying and learning, constant progression is the most important. Look for companies that are looking for similar things as what you can provide. Also, larger companies might want you to have some experience which you can’t get anywhere else. An idea is to start in a lower position and progress into the dream role, this shows determination and a real passion for getting that role. Sometimes you must regress to progress.

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